May. 29th, 2012

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Aside from the new strain of LSD (that's what they are blaming for the face-eating incident in Florida) that makes you so hot you take off all your clothing and get super strong and completely crazy, Here is more proof that humanity is circling the drain. You can hire a clown to terrorize your child for a week, threatening an attack. Yes, you hire a clown to stalk your child, and this is "fun."

Holy friggin' crap. Really.
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It's not enough to steal patient information anymore. No, it's apparently time to just burn them all down.

Two fires broke out in Atlanta OB/Gyn offices recently.

A third fire was set in New Orleans.

Because having doctors' offices where women can get prenatal care is just unnecessary. Anyone who works with pregnant women is obviously an abortionist, and their place of business should be torched.

I hope they catch whomever is doing this and that they go away for a long time. This is unacceptable behavior.


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