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Pres Man and I felt an earthquake tonight. At first I thought I was crazy for thinking it was an earthquake, but that's what it was, alright.


It was a big one, where it originated. Which is why we could still feel it all the way up here.

A friend in my hometown felt it as well.

Piewacket is nowhere to be found. He's been acting funny today, crying during tonight's game time and stuff. Now we know why.

It was pretty minor here. First the springs in our windows started rattling and then the floor felt like someone was bouncing or maybe like a really big truck was driving by. Except it lasted and lasted (like 15 seconds or something; much longer than your typical drive-by).

I called 911 to see if they had had any other reports of an earthquake. We don't generally get them here, and I was a little afraid that my poor house had decided to start falling into the ground or something. They had not heard from anyone else at that time, and then they sent a cop to our house to interview us. LOL That's not really what I was after, but okay.

For future reference, it's much smoother to go to the USGS site and report it there. The link I gave should go directly to this quake, in case anyone else wants to report that they felt it.

Wow. My first quake. Crazy. We're not supposed to get those in Kansas!


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