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I got the knitting font updated tonight. The PDF of Cable Symbol Recipes has the correct labels for each type of crossing now (I hope!) and I not only included it in the download but I gave a direct link to the PDF on my Updates Page so people who already had the rest of the files could just grab that one.

I also posted pictures of my auction cowl in a "show off your stuff" community on Ravelry with a link to Rowan's auction. I mentioned that there are other things for sale, so maybe a few more folks will swing by and check it out.

I also began unventing a pattern that I like. I'm curious to see if I can look at a picture and create a similar object on my own. I think that would help me begin learning how to design my own items.

Now I'm going to do some soothing knitting on the Monster Stocking and go to bed.
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FontStruct was only a little cranky with me this afternoon ("No, you CANNOT HAVE the last symbol you saved. NO! NOOOO! .....Well, okay.")

So both fonts are downloaded, installed, all PDFs have been updated with new symbols, the fonts and PDFs are uploaded to the site, the Updates page has been...updated, I've made a new note my Ravelry project page, and I'm getting ready to update the post in SymbolCraft.

I would like to plug Google Sites right now, because I thought it was going to be hairy to delete the old files, upload the new files, and redo the links.

Google Sites just lets you select file and say that you want to replace it. Tell Google what you want to replace it with and you're done. Holy cow, that was soooo easy!

I love it when things work so smoothly.

It is now 8:20 and I've been working on this pretty much since I got home from the vet, which was around 5:00. My hobbies take too much time. Most of that time was spent grappling with FontStruct, but still. Long time.

Anyway, there it is. Update number one, complete!
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My KnitPicks order was waiting for me on the porch when I got home Friday after work. Yay! I am now the proud owner of a sock blank, three little jars of dye (green, purple, blue) and four 40" fixed circular needles sized 0 - 3.

I was happily briggling with my new stuff when Pres Man realized I was home and whisked me out the door for dinner and a movie. We parked at the movie theatre, got our GI Joe tickets, and walked over to The Pub for a delicious meal. I tried the blue beer thing that they make (can't remember what it's called) and it was darned tasty. Kind of like raspberry lemonade beer.

We walked back in plenty of time for the movie and got good seats, which we ended up shifting when a poor four-member family couldn't find anywhere to sit. We moved down one seat to open up two seats together, which were taken by Mom and her two little boys (one sat on her lap). I have to say I was worried when he used his outdoor voice during the credits, but he was really very good during the movie. At one point he silently threw his arms up in the air like a touchdown signal. During a fight between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, he was intensely focused, sometimes making little karate noises under his breath, and bobbing his head along to the music.

He was really my favorite part of the movie.

I've been working on my knitting font, trying to create a workable 3 over 3 symbol set. I think the solution I came up with yesterday is a good one. I'm working on creating the symbols I didn't have already, and then I will convert the four symbols that need to be expanded. The lines still aren't ramrod straight, but they are passable and I will not be super embarrassed to add them to the public font.

If anyone asks for a four over four symbol though, they will be disappointed. I think at that point you either have to get creative on your own with the existing symbols, or buy a real knitting font. There is only so much I can do with FontStruct and I'm reaching that limit, I think.

I'm really excited about trying out my new needles; I'm considering doing some sock swatching during the game even though I should really work on the Monster Stocking for my aunt. I was also rereading my new mitten book last night and I really want to do some stranded mittens.

We may have a small party tonight for gaming. We'll be missing Fletch and probably also Gwen. This leaves a Duskblade, a Druid, a Rogue, and a Sorcerer. I think I am going to be getting my rear handed to me.

I'm hoping I can finish the alterations to the knitting font by tomorrow evening so I can update the files and let everyone know there is a new version. I'm also hoping that I won't be needing to release an enhancement every week, but I do appreciate how everyone is making suggestions and asking questions.
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I've released the first versions of both fonts into the wild. I've already got some feedback from Ravelers, so it looks like people are finding it okay.

For those of you on my friendslist who are interested, the fonts can be found here. Please let me know if you have any problems or comments.

It's tempting to sit here refreshing the page for the rest of the day to see if anyone needs help, but I think a better use of my time would be photographing the finished cowl (yes! It's finished!) and getting that email off to Rowan.
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I've just received permission from Cat Bordhi (inventor of the moebius cast-on) to submit a cowl from one of her patterns for the AmberBob fundraiser! Ms. Bordhi was very nice and said that she hopes we raise all the money AmberBob needs.

I love it when designers are so nice. She emailed me back really quickly and I know she's very busy.

I'm hoping to get that cowl done by tomorrow so I can submit pictures and a description to the auction.

Today was very strange in that I ran into a lot of folks I know as I was running around town. At the zoo, Pres Man and I ran into one of the Writer's Group, when I was returning some videos I found [livejournal.com profile] 12stargazers browsing the shelves, and when I went to Hobby Lobby I got there at the same time as [livejournal.com profile] addictsmistress, so we shopped together and that was fun.

About the only place I didn't see someone I knew was Wildflower (my LYS). Well, I saw Kennita, but that's kind of a given. :) I got some lovely black and natural yarn for the We Call Them Pirates hat. I also got a Knit Kit. I already have a tape measure, stitch markers, collapsible scissors, row counters, point protectors, and crochet hooks, but I was seduced by the Swiss-Armyness of this gadget. I really like it, but be warned that the row counters need a little breaking in. At first mine was clicking the tens every time I wanted to just click one row, but it has mostly settled down now.

The zoo was really busy today; there were lots of families around. I love to see three generations of folks enjoying their time together like that.

The tigers are in the same enclosure now, so be warned; if you go to our zoo, you may get an education in tiger-to-tiger relations. We've still only got one snow leopard showing, which makes me hopeful that there are babies who just aren't ready for the enclosure yet. We did not see the hyenas (or hear them) today, and I was just fine with that. They were a strange mixture of frisky and menacing.

The baby flamingoes are really growing up fast! They are nearly as tall as the adults now. Still fuzzy and gray, but their beaks are pretty much the right shape now. We didn't see any baby ducks, but I know they are there because the zookeeper said so last time we visited. The pelican is still in love with the goose (they were sleeping very near each other when we got there this morning), which I still find touching and funny.

There are new goats! I may not have mentioned this last week, but there are very wooly goats in the petting zoo now! With those goats and the llamas, I'm wondering where the wool goes when it's shearing time.

LOL Pie is laying on my Treasury of Magical Knitting book. I think he wants me to get the 2nd one, which is the one with the cat beds in it. :)

Yesterday was the cut-off for the knitting font credits, so I will be writing said credits into the font readme file and onto the web page. I've reviewed both versions of the font and the German mapping is there. Barring any really weird stuff (like me accidentally erasing the entire website), I should be on track for releasing the font tomorrow.

It's nearly time for the game, so I better skedaddle.
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Okay, this is pretty cool. You know that I have been working for a while on a font of knitting symbols, yes? Well, I added the font as a project on my Ravelry page quite a while ago (May?), mentioned it in one of the "cables" groups I was in, and asked for volunteers from the Symbolcraft community to help test it.

I got a few testers, got some good feedback, added a bunch of symbols, altered a few, created a cloned version that has no borders, and am nearly ready to release the thing. I am REALLY glad I asked for testers because this font (well, fonts) are so much better now than when I began. I anticipate getting more suggestions after it goes live, but it's a good starting place.

Here's why I'm making this post: For some reason, all of a sudden people are marking my font project on Ravelry as a "favorite." I have no idea how they are finding it. I'm thinking it must be mentioned somewhere other than the two communities where I posted about it (the last comment on either of those threads was about 15 days ago), but Ravelry has not given me the "Hey, are your ears burning? You've been linked!" message. And it's something that just happened recently, because today I have gone from having eight folks who "heart" it to eighteen. Maybe it's because a designer marked it as a fave and others are going through her favorites or something.

Anyway, that's pretty cool. Here I was worried no one would find out about it and somehow the word has gotten out. I even got a message from an interested party on Ravelry asking if it had been released yet. Nothing like knowing folks are watching to keep you focused! :)

I got some really good feedback on my web page today from Koganei, which I will be incorporating tomorrow. As soon as I get the responses from all my testers about how they would like their names to appear in the font's credits, I will add that to the fonts on FontStruct so they will become part of the download. Then I just have to zip those files up along with the PDFs that I've made, put them on my site, and I'll be ready! I would SO love to get this done by the end of July, but I'm running out of time. The limiting factor at this point is that I'm not getting responses from my testers on how they'd like their names to appear (if they want them to appear at all). I really want to include them because the font is so much better thanks to their work.

I imagine that folks on my flist are getting weary of Knitting Font posts, and I am sorry about that. I'm just very excited that I'm nearly done with the first edition, and even more excited that people seem to already be interested in it!
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Of course, as soon as I finalized my images, I found two symbols that I want to switch places with each other. See if you can guess which ones.

Keyboard Map and Cable Symbols )
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My knitting font in a sample chart )

I'm still playing with some ideas, like perhaps reducing the size of the purl dots in the main "purl" character, but over all it is heading the direction I had in mind originally. Yay!

Also, in the interest of observing The Girl From Auntie's rights and wishes, I have only used a portion of her chart and I have provided links to both her main page and the page where the Durrow cable appears. Here's what she says about using her pictures and patterns:

"To clarify some hotlinking or image "borrowing" issues: at the present time, I do not object to individuals hotlinking to or uploading to their own server images of the patterns for sale or the patterns offered for free on this website for non-commercial purposes--for example, if you're a blogger talking about knitting Rogue, and you want to insert an image of the finished product on your webpage, go ahead. This permission for hotlinking depends on the effect on my bandwidth consumption: if it starts costing me too much, then I'll disable hotlinking or request that you host the image yourself. However, if you hotlink or upload a copy of the image to your own server, please include a link back to this website so people know where it came from."

By the way, if you wander over there, you should definitely check out Rogue and Eris. It is my goal to one day knit each of those lovely sweaters.
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Here's a sample of the knitting font I've been working on:


Whattaya think, sirs? ;)
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Tonight was a good night. I managed to relax and I feel a lot better. I think my upcoming test is kind of bothering me.

I worked on the knitting font tonight and converted all the shading to purl dots. I created numbers (though I still need to edit them as far as before-and-after spacing), and they look pretty good. I think they are the right size for the ends of the rows though, and that was my main concern tonight.

It was frustrating for a while because the site I'm using went down for a bit without warning. Rar! But I finally got logged in and was able to make my changes fairly quickly.

I think I may add a few more symbols as far as cabling goes. Though I have only done them rarely, there are cables involving odd numbers and uneven combinations that I need to make sure are chartable with my characters. Things like three over one crossings might be tricky or maybe even no doable. When Barbara Walker had a difficult operation or one that would mess up her lovely charting scheme, she simply assigned that combination of stitches a number in parentheses, plunked that into the chart, and made you go back to the key to figure out what she meant for you to do. I had been hoping to avoid that, but there may not be a good way around it.

At least I've got numbers created, so if I need to include those I can copy the characters and put brackets or something around them as new characters. I should probably also do a few numbered increases ("v" with a number in it) and inverted "v" decreases with numbers under the vees.

Hmmm. I thought running out of keys would not be an issue, but all of a sudden I'm wondering if I have enough left....I'm sure with the extra keys I can make it fit.
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I'm kind of stuck now. I mean, I know a lot of the symbols I want to use in my knitting font, and that's going great, but I'm really not sure how to map them. I thought I'd follow Aire River's pattern, but I don't really like it that much.

She groups similar symbols into similar areas of the keyboard. I've got some other ideas that I'm bouncing around, and none of them is my favorite yet.

There's the "Opposites" idea, where the opposite type of function would be mapped to the opposite key on the keyboard. Like, Knit 2 Tog might be mapped to "d" and Slip Slip Knit would then be mapped to "k" because they are decreases that lean opposite ways.

Or I could do a similar theme, with opposite symbols mapped to upper and lowercase of the same key. Knit 2 Tog could be "d" and Slip Slip Knit could be "D."

Or I could try to go with "Easy Keys = Most Often Used Symbols." I don't think I'm going to do this one. I don't plan to put often-used symbols on ridiculously hard keys, but that's a secondary consideration I think.

Should I group cable sybols by similarity or ease of use? It's not always easy to figure out which symbols you need an in which order you need them. It might be nice to have them on keys that are right next to each other in the order in which they should be used. Except that I've made some of them interchangeable and I'm not mapping the same symbol to two different places....

Or should I start by mapping symbols to similar keys. For example, I have a forward-slash looking symbol and a backward-slash looking symbol, so should I map them to the slash keys? My gut says no, because the backwards slash is not easy to reach, but maybe other people would rather have it that way. Yarnovers on the "O", "knit through back loop" on the "Q" and stuff like that.

I think this would be a lot easier if my Barbara Walker Treasury was at home. It's locked in my desk at work, and it's got a nice long list of all sorts of symbols and how to use them.

Please give me your feedback on this, knitters. I'm sure there are things that I haven't even thought of as far as this project goes.

And I am not sure how to indicate a slipped stitch. I've seen several different variations and none of them are hitting me the right way tonight. What's your favorite symbol for "Slip as if to purl?"
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I'm making progress with my knitting font! I think I have finally gotten the right size "box" so that my font will be a fixed-width font. I've got about 19 characters done that I'm pretty happy with. This free font creator does not do "round" very well at all, so I'm trying to work around that for things like Yarnovers and such. I think what I've come up with will be pretty understandable, if not perfectly pristine.

The hardest part (aside from conquering the learning curve on how to use the building blocks they give) is figuring out where to map each symbol. I've decided to kind of follow the Aire River mapping, because I can see how it makes sense to have symbols that are related to one another as neighbors on the keyboard.

My main frustration with the two free fonts I've located are the fixed-width issues and the way they handle cables. Naturally those were the first things I focused on while developing this font, and while I think I've got the fixed-width thing down, the cables are trickier. I think I have figured out a way to do them so that I'll be happy, but I'm having a hard time choosing between "intuitive" and "decisive." Some cable symbols that are very easy to interpret (not needing you to glace back at the key every time) are not as customizable, which means taht they're fine for crossing knit columns of stitches, but what happens when you have purl stitches in that mix? I think I will try shading some areas of the characters to indicate purled stitches and see how that works, rather than trying to add a dot or a line to indicate purled pieces of cable crossings.

Today is a really happy day for me despite the ice and snow. I'm getting to spend it at home doing whatever I please with my husband and cat (who are watching Clash of the Titans right now). We're fed, we're warm, and completely at our leisure. It's been so long since this has happened that I forgot how good it feels.

Back to fonting.


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