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More stories of Mom's housekeeper:

Story the first:

Mom was sitting at the kitchen table when the housekeeper came in and said "The porch light burned out so I replaced it." "Did you put in one of the new energy-saving ones?" "No, I put in a regular one." Which turned out to be a 100 watt bulb. In a porch light that is on All The Time. A regular bulb, which will burn out pretty much immediately after being used that often and which uses more energy. Why does my mom even have those bulbs, you might ask? Because she has touch lamps in her house (easier for her to turn on) and the low-energy bulbs are not good for those multi-brightness lamps so she uses regular incandescents for those.

Story the second:

The other day as she was leaving my mother was also getting ready to leave the house. So the housekeeper helpfully started the van so it could warm up. My mother is pretty slow getting around, so the housekeeper was gone by the time Mom got out to the garage. Where she found the car running with the garage door shut.

Story the third:

Mom asked her to buy some plums at the grocery store, but the store was out of plums. Instead of calling Mom to ask what she wanted instead, the housekeeper just bought a bunch of tangerines. Mom's hands don't really work very well and she CANNOT peel tangerines. Which the housekeeper knew because Mom tried tangerines before and had to throw them out after realizing she could not peel them on her own.

But on the other hand Mom insists that Dumbella has done a lot of really helpful things too, and that Dumbella's daughters are a joy to have around and are very helpful. They come over and play games with Mom and one of them helps her a lot with computer stuff (she designed Mom's Christmas letter and it looked really nice).


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