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The plumber I contacted through their website never did call. We're okay; the leak is still slow enough that the bucket is doing fine, but I'm a little disappointed in the lack of customer service.

Yesterday I felt physically not good most of the day. It was not muscle soreness, it was overall "blah" mixed with some pain in the abdominal region. Today I feel similarly.

I went to my chiropractic appointment last night and he fixed my wonky leg lengths and did some tests to see where my knee was injured. He gave me a couple of exercises to do to strengthed and stretch it.

And later my other knee hurt, as well as my ankle on that side. Awesome.

I'm just very grumpy. I know it's hormonal, but that does not keep me from doing it. My voice is less pleasant than normal, my humor is more biting and sometimes downright mean, and I am less able to concentrate.

Other than struggling with that, things are good. We got some good rain and the lawn looks better. The rain came with some massive wind and Bill dropped a very large branch that we'll have to break up and bag. It fell near the curb and just missed my lovely urns.

I got some pleather for 40% off at Hobby Lobby. It's the kind that looks like it's been tooled and it's really pretty. I was going to just get a little over a yard, but then I noticed the bolt was nearly empty after measuring my cut, so I bought it all. Saved $10.63 on that!

I'm thinking of using it as an accent on a hat and possibly a panel on a bodice to tie the two together. Maybe use it for the front center part of Burda 1880.

We did not work out last night. I was feeling worse and worse and just took myself to bed. I did not sleep all that soundly, so today I am still tired and my eyes feel baggy. :(

At least this wasn't a phone post. Hopefully there are fewer typos.
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And I STILL have not remembered to measure myself! You're supposed to do it on a rest day, so really I should have done it yesterday prior to exercising. I guess I'll just try to remember this Saturday. Phooey.

I officially claimed another lost pound, which felt awesome.

Tonight we did leg raises, leg curls, leg extensions, and calf raises. Usually we alternate doing either the front of the leg or the back of the leg, but Pres Man is still sore from moving stuff on Saturday, so we did it this way to save his back from some of the stuff we normally do. Between my knee and his back we're quite a pair.

I took my leg extension down to almost the minimum. It was just enough to feel resistance, like if you were using one of those stretchy bands. It did not hurt at all. I did leg curls with the same amount of weight I used last time and that went fine. I about died during the abdominal leg raises, which just shows we skipped those for too long an interval. And the calf raises were okay.

I did the recumbent bike before and after and had no pain. I did feel pain going up the stairs, but it was minor. I was wearing my knee brace tonight.

I tried my foam roller tonight! As expected, it was unpleasant. But in a way that makes me feel hopeful, because if it hurts, that is supposed to indicate that YES, your IT band is tight, and the roller should really help.

I'm going to ice my knees for 20 minutes and go to bed.
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I'm using the house icon for this entry not because it's about my house, but because we helped some folks move from an apartment into a free-standing single family dwelling this weekend.

Even though they lost a bit of square footage, they gained walls they do not share, freedom from vermin that infested their previous neighbors' units and which always found their way into my friend's place, a yard (fenced!) for their two adorable doggies, hardwood floors rather than old carpet and torn linoleum, a lovely roofed back porch, a driveway (you cannot overrate a driveway in my town), and they have moved from an area I would be leery of into a neighborhood where we saw tons of folks walking their dogs and children and some who were even friendly enough to say hello.

I think it's doing to be a really good change for them and I'm happy we were able to help.

I feel a little guilty because we left before they were completely done. I could not hack it any longer. Between the issues I have been having with my kneezles (particularly the left one) and the fact that I am 38, not 28, I wore out around 8:45. We'd begun at 1:00 so I did put in some time, but we had a nice rest between loading the truck and unloading the truck, when they provided pizza and I got to lie on the floor recuperating a bit. I had to sit down several times during the loading and unloading though and I felt a lot more worn out than I expected, what with the recent adoption of cardio and weight lifting.

Still, everything I carried was something that someone else did not have to carry. And Pres Man went with me, even though I had been careful not to volunteer him when I agreed to help out. He did so much and I am so proud of having a husband who is SUCH A GOOD PERSON.

Today I am quite sore. My quads are painful, sometimes even when I am not moving, and my lower back is complaining that I should have done a bit more lifting with my legs. Overall I think I'm okay, just really stiff and sore.

I'll do an epsom salt soak tonight before bed and that will probably help a lot. Last night I slept with a heat pack on my lower back and woke up feeling a lot better. I also iced my knees and that helped a lot.

It sucks to get older. I don't feel as old as my chronometer says I am. But every now and then something happens to remind me that I have some miles on me and I just need to slow it down.

However, aged geezer or not, I did help and I'm happy about that. Moving sucks so badly and that's why I always volunteer to help. And this move was haunted by bad luck - they reserved a truck with one company, called the day before to ask if they could move up their pick-up time, and were told they did not have a reservation. They even had the print-out proving they did, but the company would not accept it. Then the other company did not have a truck for them, and the only reason they scored one at all was because Company 2 tried to pawn off a truck with no AC on a guy who was driving over 2000 miles. He refused the truck and my friends were able to get it. That stress cost them a lot of time and THEN they had to take the truck to the next town over to have it weighed, because they are military and the weight of the items moved is necessary. They could have done it in our town had they gotten the truck earlier, but our weighing station closed before they could get things straightened out with the truck companies, so they had to jump through another hoop so they could get reimbursed for their costs.

As far as taking care of us, I've gotta say that this was the best-fed I've ever been as part of a moving crew. They ordered nearly one pizza per person, and with such a variety that there was something for everyone. That was pretty awesome. Usually someone gets a large thin-crust and expects everyone to have half a piece, or something.

I'm planning to go to Knitting tonight and restart my shawl. That should be satisfying. And it'll mainly work muscles that don't hurt.
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I miss this place like crazy, and catching up in the evening is not the same. I get home and my mind is dead and I cannot remember all the things I wanted to say. I'm pretty sure not journaling is going to be detrimental to my brain long-term.

I could also be braindead because Pres Man has taken to watching Piers Morgan (mainly to make fun of him, I think, because he's an awful person and a terrible interviewer), and that's what's on right now and it's draining my brain juice.

It finally rained here which was awesome. It was a lovely thunderstorm. Piewacket had to make a hard choice; hide downstairs from the thunder or tough it out upstairs so he could shun our workout. I'm pretty sure his offense at our workout won. Cats are so funny. He cannot stand it when we do something that does not, even peripherally, involve him.

I got the fabric that I ordered! It was here when I got home and it looks perfect. It's exactly what I had in mind for Pres Man's Hobbit vest. Hunter green with a leafy design. Bootiful.

This week is the Dog Days sale in my town, so I may go to the yarn store and see if there's anything I need. I do not need more stash, but a really good deal may be irresistible.

Our cicadas are singing here. I don't think it's a brood year, so these are probably Tibicen cicadas. They don't take years and years to mature.

Huh. While looking that up, I think I figured out what it was the scared a fellow knitter and myself on Dyeing Day. We thought it was a giant wasp that wanted to kill us, but it was probably a Western Cicada Killer, which are not very agressive toward humans and who reportedly have a mild sting despite their horrific size.

Kind of a relief.

We're not gaming this Saturday so maybe I will be able to start a sewing project. Or two. I'm looking forward to getting back to sewing; I have not done it for so long.

Pres Man came up with an idea for hobbit feet that may work really well. It would involve brown fun fur and flip flops, and it's way more doable than anything I came up with, as well as probably a lot easier and faster. He's so smart.

Tonight is a leg night and I'm afraid of it because it would normally be quads and that's what bothers my knees. But I printed out a knee strengthening workout and I will probably do that instead of squats/lunges/leg extensions with weights.

Maybe we'll do leg raises. I can do those.

I don't think I posted much about the baby shower I went to on Saturday. It was a Hogwarts themed party, which was awesome and the hostesses did a great job with decorations. They even had lots of little ornate frames with pictures of Hogwarts teachers in them! I was supposed to make my wine charms (like I did for my Harry Potter Party before) but between trying to finish the Nemo mittens and not getting a headcount (had to know how many for each house) until pretty late, I did not get them done. However, they are mostly done and I am hoping to finish those this weekend and get them delivered soon after.

I did have one done already, because I made too many Hufflepuffs last time I did this, so I gave away the best one to the Hufflepuff at the party. Come to think of it, she may be the person I had in mind when I made them originally!

We played one of the best games I've ever played at a shower. One hostess wrote a story, incorporating some passages from the Harry Potter books and involving the shower participants and the guests of honor. THEN she took out strategic words and we had to fill them in Mad Libs style. It was awesome when we all read them aloud in order.

Most people had on some kind of Harry Potter garb, and those who wore civvies had pins indicating that they were muggles, which I thought was cute. I took my paper and hot glue wands and they went over way better than I thought they might (better than last time I tried to show them off, for sure!). I think I gave all of them away so that made me feel good.

Miss Miah was the honoree and she looked really good. Some people really do shine when pregnant. I hope that will happen for me when I get there. More likely my hair will go limp and my skin will break out. LOL

It was fun to see her because I did not really get to be friendly with her until she moved away and I started interacting with her through mutual LJ friends.

Also, it was really fun to have an excuse to wear my HP costume again. And I took my official wand that Koganei got for me at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

So yeah, that was fun.

I guess my brain woke up after all. Maybe because Piers Morgan is over.

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it previously, today's scale reading was Down a total of 28.5 pounds. And I totally blanked on taking my measurements Saturday, because of the shower and THEN because I had another gathering to attend which was like a tupperware party but NOT because they sold toys that need batteries if you know what I mean. So that was an experience and a half. But I had the best cookies I've ever had in my life, and I'm going to receive that recipe on Monday. Awesome. And in case you were wondering, yes I did buy something. Turns out they sell flavored lip gloss, so I could support the hostess without buying something embarrassing.
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Let's see. Last night I went to bed super early (after falling asleep on the futon) with a huge throbbing headache. It was awful, and the way I finally got rid of it was pressing on my neck to cut down the blood flow. I know, not brilliant, but desperate times call for crazy measures. I figured if I knocked myself out, I'd drop my hand away and be safe.

I wasn't pushing all that hard anyway. It may have been psychosomatic that it worked.

The reason I did it was I read an article about how the throbbing you feel when you've got an injury does not correlate with your heartbeat. I found that fascinating. My headache, once I had my fingers on my pulse, proved to be exactly in sync with my heartbeat. And since my fingers were in the neighborhood, I pressed harder and like MAGIC my headache went away.

Other things....I did not work out last night due to the headache. I'm going to do legs tonight. I'm going to work more on my hamstrings this week, I think. My knees have been feeling a little like they might overextend so I think my quads are too strong for my hamstrings.

This morning the scale gave me really good news, which makes me suspicious. How does one lose 3 pounds overnight? I would assume it was water weight, but unless I sweated or breathed out 3 pounds, that's not what it was. Huh.

Anyway, after having several days where the scale was up, it jumped down to a total of 28 pounds lost. Again.

It's still been amazingly hot here. We're over 100 every day with no rain in sight. I'm about to make the girls sing with me again.

I need to finish the Hogwart's Houses wine charms that I wanted to make for the baby shower. I'm so close to being done.

I think the first sewing project that I let myself do in the steampunk vein will be top hats. I had the urge to drag up the fabric and pattern tonight, so I guess I'm getting in the right mood for it.

I'm still bummed I had to frog my shawl. I'm really hoping it'll go better the second time around. And I'm going to get unwaxed floss, because the waxed stuff was way too sticky to use as a lifeline while knitting that lace.

My brain doesn't work as well in the evening for journaling. Maybe I will try getting up earlier and doing it then.
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I got some weights today! I am really happy with them. They are a set of dumbbells that came with enough weight for a total of 20 lbs. I am doing way less than that (in fact I am using the set of tiny plates we already had), but it's nice to have more weights that can work on my dumbbells, Pres Man's dumbbells, and our barbell.

My new dumbbells are the type with screw-on ends, which I really like.

The cardio tonight started out a little rough for me. I felt stiff when I got on the elliptical and my quads started complaining right away. I just kept going steady and worked it out, no cramping and no real pain. It got better and after the weights, I was able to finish strong on the recumbent.

I did bench press, hammer curls, wrist raises, and bench flies. I increased my weight on each exercise. It was a good workout. I'm tired, but I feel good.

It was satisfying to get back to working out after missing one night last week (we never made it up due to the dinner thing and getting ready for dyeing day).

I also did really well on my calories today, so I'm just very pleased all around.
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Here's this week's progress. It's not that great, but I'm chalking it up to mismeasuring previously and possibly to hormonal fluctuations. Or maybe I'm gaining muscle that's bulking up while not losing enough of the fat that lays over that muscle.

Weight: -.5 lbs
Left Bicep: - .5 inches
Right Bicep: no change
Left Forearm: no change
Right Forearm: .25 inches
Neck: -1 inch (back to where I started)
Chest: 1.25 inches
Bust: 1.5 inches
Waist: 1.5 inches
Hips: no change
Left Thigh: 1 inch
Right Thigh: 1.75 inches
Left Calf: .5 inches
Right Calf: no change
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Tonight was leg night and I did a little more weight on my squats. I'm beginning to think I may need to do exercises specifically to strengthen my knees, because those are my weak spot. Or maybe I'm just afraid those are my weak spot and I am babying them. They used to (the right one especially) give me trouble going up and down stairs. That does not happen anymore (Yay), but sometimes they'll still pop funny or feel really strained when I'm working out. I try really hard not to bend them out over my toes and keep them straight above my heels, but maybe I'm failing. I don't know.

Anyway, it was a decent workout. My quads were burning at the end of the last squat set, the leg extensions were not impossible but felt resistant enough, the calf raises were easier, and the bent leg hip extensions (donkey kicks) were fine.

We partially took apart the elliptical and made the squeak better, but we need to get back in there because it started coming back at the end of the night. Or maybe it just doesn't like Pres Man as much as it likes me. ;)

I took a nap tonight. I wish I would stop doing that, but I am just so danged tired when I get home.

Tomorrow (today, really) should be a pretty good day. I will have time to work on the house/yard and maybe I will get my own set of dumbbells.

Oh! And my new pajama jeans arrived! They fit, so that's awesome. Now if my new work pants will get here and also fit (they have shipped, so I'm hoping it'll be this week yet), I'll be super pleased.
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We got back to it tonight. We did arms, since we did not work out last night. I bench pressed 2.5 lbs more tonight, I used a heavier dumbbell (up 1.7 lbs) for my bent over rows, and I did preacher curls and wrist extensions with a total increase of almost 1 lb for each exercise.

I worked harder on the cardio tonight in the hope that it will help me sleep better. I increased my speed on the elliptical about half a mile per hour and I could feel it, but it was good.

Sadly, when it was Pres Man's turn on the elliptical it was REALLY squeaking. It is now a priority to lubricate that danged thing before using it again.

I feel good about what we did tonight. Tomorrow we'll do legs and that'll be good too. I am glad to have worked out again. Glad I felt that I could do it tonight.

I stayed under my calories today, which is another triumph. For a day that started out pretty sucky, things ended up pretty good.
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Compared to last week:

Neck - up 1 inch (WTH??)

Bust - down 2 inches. Woe.

Underbust - down 1.25 inches

Left Upper Arm - same as last week

Right Upper Arm - up .25 inches

Left Forearm - down .5 inches

Right Forearm - down .25 inches

Waist - stayed steady

Hips - down 1.25 inches

Left Thigh - same as last week

Right Thigh - down 1 inch

Left Calf - down .25 inches

Right Calf - same as last week

And I was a pound lighter this morning than I was when I measured last week.
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I did some yoga tonight! I found one on Netflix that I think I may be able to live with, at least for now. I had some trouble because my thighs are still large enough to keep me from being able to get into some positions. For instance, I cannot bend one leg underneath of me, cross the other leg over that leg to my other side, and have the second foot flat on the floor.

Maybe my legs are just too short. Yeah, that's it.

But I did it, and that was satisfying.

I updated my weight and goals in my calorie counting app and I can have 10 fewer calories a day. :P

Tomorrow night we start weights again! Arms, probably biceps. I'm trying to talk myself out of going after some new dumbbells tomorrow night before we work out. Kind of wish I'd bought the ones at the thrift store; they were just like mine but twice as heavy. But I resisted so that I could get the kind with adjustable weight. I don't need a jillion pairs of dumbbells floating around.

Time to soak in some epsom salts and go to bed.
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For the past two days, my morning weigh-in has indicated a total loss of 27 pounds. I'm going to claim 26.

I'm so proud of us (Pres Man and I, not the Royal Us) for doing this. Like I said earlier, I am happier overall and I love feeling that little bit stronger and fitter.

But not so much stronger and fitter as to want to go out in extreme heat. We did not hit the zoo for a walk today because it was too friggin' hot.

I have decided that if I don't find a good stretching or yoga video on Netflix tonight, I will just hop on the elliptical. I doubt it would hurt me much to not have any cardio today, but I think I will do some anyhow. It feels kinda good.

So far today I am doing awesome with my calories. I listened to my body and only ate half my sandwich at lunch. Now I have some for later.

I'm still so jazzed about those jeans yesterday. I need to go jeans shopping for real sometime.
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This morning (or maybe it was barely afternoon?) I retook my measurements. It's been nearly 10 days since the first measurements were taken.

Neck - stayed the same

Bust - stayed the same

Underbust - went down half an inch

Left Upper Arm - increased three-fourths of an inch

Right Upper Arm - increased two inches, so I assume my first measurement was flawed

Left Forearm - down 2 inches

Right Forearm - stayed the same (now the measurements for right and left are equal)

Waist - down one inch

Hips - down an inch and a quarter

Left Thigh - down half an inch

Right Thigh - down three-fourths of an inch

Left Calf - down a quarter of an inch

Right Calf - down half an inch

I'm very pleased. And today when I tried out the new Goodwill store in town, I found out that I can button and zip up jeans that are four numerical sizes smaller than the ones I currently wear. I did not like the way they fit; they were tight in the hips and then too loose in the legs and waist. A different brand might do better, but I'm guessing that I should go to the size that is only two sizes under the one I've been wearing. Which is really just one size, since women's clothing is in even sizes.

Which means I have lost a full size, easily. That's incredible.

Last night I did 17 minutes on the elliptical to try to burn off my calorie overload (and if my math is right, I did!), and I found that an extra 7 minutes makes a big difference, but I did it. I nearly doubled my cardio time, and I did fine. That felt really good.

Today we ran errands, which involved a LOT of walking around. I'm counting it as today's cardio. Tomorrow we will go to the zoo (hopefully in the morning before it gets insanely hot) and that'll be our exercise. And then I'll try again to find a good stretching or beginning yoga video on Netflix after Knitting. We perused Netflix last night and there are a couple of likely candidates.
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The lawn is mowed, the sprinkler is nearly finished running, and in about an hour I'm going to do some arm-focused working out.

I mowed the freaking lawn in 100 degree weather. I hydrated like crazy and I think it's all gone already. I downed another huge glass of water when I got back in and ate a bunch of ice.

I had a really good day today. My back was hurting (same place it started hurting last week) so I called the chiropractor and he got me right in. I'm feeling lots better and I will endeavor to NOT pull that rib out again. It's the same danged rib that always goes out when I get more active. It seems like it may be a family thing, since I can name three other people on my mom's side who have the exact same problem. We are mutants!

I got some exercise gear tonight. Several cheap tops and a pair of capris. They are great. I could not wear this sort of thing in front of anyone but Pres Man, but for working out at home they are perfect.

I also got some headbands; I pull my hair completely back when lifting and parts of it are short enough that they can't reach the ponytail, so I need a band to keep the rest of it back. They were on sale. Bonus!

I was very good for dinner. If I complete my normal workout tonight I will be way under my net calorie goal. I may reward myself with grapes and babybel cheese.

I'm beginning to feel my triceps more now. Oh yay! Tonight is an arm night. If you hear someone howling in pain later on don't worry; it's just me.
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Tonight's workout was mainly triceps. This time we did four sets of eight instead of three sets of ten, and I could feel the difference, but it was good.

The cardio tonight was a lot easier for me. I was going the same speed and I thought it was seeming easier, and when I looked at my heartrate I realized it was a LOT lower than last week. So I'm going to have to step that up a notch.

As of right now, I am able to bend my neck without any pain, so the pull I had from last week seems to be all better.

I had a good time again. I'm really hoping that this means I am someone who will enjoy lifting as a permanent life addition.

I need to get more workout clothes; luckily my version of workout clothes are not the really pricey stuff that everyone else thinks they have to wear to work out.

It occurred to me today that we have a new sporting goods store in town that we have never visited. When we are in the market for our additional bar, we need to check there.

Today I had to kind of force myself to eat enough calories. I took a big nap and was not hungry for dinner. I made sure to get over 1200 calories (including my first taste of greek yogurt, which was awesome), so I got enough, but it was weird that I had to make it happen. Usually getting enough calories is not my problem. :)

Today was a really good day, despite the heat. Thank goodness our nice cool basement is where we had room for the weights and stuff.

Tomorrow night we'll do legs again. We'll do deadlifts, leg curls, leg raises, and bent knee hip extensions.
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Tomorrow night's workout: Inclined Bench Press, Overhead Extensions, Lat Raises, and Tricep Kickbacks.

I am disappointed in myself because I did not do yoga tonight. I found my DVD and book, but when I read through the book and watched the DVD, I found myself wincing at some of the things she did and the speed at which she was doing them.

Also, and this is so weird of me, but it's a thing: she has an accent that turns me off. And what is weirder is that this is the second time this has happened! It is the same thing that turned me off my Yogilates DVD and that was a different person. Same accent, though.

I went to Amazon to find recommendations and you know what? I think I may do better with "stretching" DVDs than with straight yoga. Or maybe do that for a while before getting into real yoga.

I found myself kind of wanting to work out today. If the gamers had not been here I might have hopped on the elliptical. I think that's a really good sign, that I was craving exercise.

I am looking forward to next Saturday because that's when I decided I will take my measurements every week. I am really hoping I'll see some kind of difference. Today I saw my shadow while we were out and I thought my hips looked slimmer. I also caught my reflection in a shop window and thought the same thing. Woo hoo.
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Wow. I slept a lot later today; I guess yesterday's accomplishments and running around took their toll.

I woke up happy though, so that's good. For lunch, we went down to So Long Saloon, where we had not been for a while, and happily got seated right away (it's a very small place and there is usually a wait). I had their green chili cheese since this was going to be my big meal of the day. It was delicious. You can get it with beef or chicken and I opted for a grilled chicken breast. On top of that, they put a cooked green chili, opened up and flat, then they put chili verde and melted cheese over all of that. It's served on a fried tortilla but I did not eat that part. I also had about half a side of potato salad, because they have the best potato salad I've ever had.

I'm waiting for it to cool down a bit (it's over 100 degrees) before I try mowing the lawn. I may not get it down before going to Knitting. If I don't, then hopefully tomorrow won't be quite as hot.

My painful shoulder is a LOT better today! I can bend my head over and I only have a little discomfort, which is a huge improvement.

I'm looking forward to Knitting tonight. We're going to be at the yogurt place again and I'm happy that I'll be working on my alligator bag.

Oh, I got all the Dwarven Battle Bonnet charts redone AND I added the instructions for the horns (Miss Miah's modification that really make the whole thing awesome) to the word doc with my charts, so now I'm pretty much ready to try the first one of those. Whenever I get some good yarn and a good time to do it. I should really finish Jet's dog sweater first.

Tonight after Knitting I will try some yoga and then tomorrow night it's back to weights. I told Pres Man he needs to figure out our nightly workouts and then I realized I was asking the poor teacher who already had to make Summer lesson plans for his classes to make additional lesson plans for us. LOL His work is never done.

The moss that planted itself over by the AC is still doing well. I keep forgetting to get some buttermilk for it. I'm hoping I can convince it to spread on its own rather than having to blend some moss up and plant it that way.
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Today I got a text from Pres Man. It said "The good news is that I put the cover back on the basement window. The bad news is it was a day late."

Yes, we had water come in through a basement window in last night's downpour. We had taken the cover off the window well when the plumber came because he had to replace the spigot, which is normally under the window cover.

Annnnnd then we did not put it back. We keep thinking we'll find a different type of window cover, because Pres Man thinks the ones we have look ghetto. But our house apparently has a bigger than normal escape window or something, because all the ones we can find in the home stores are not big enough.

Anyway, it's back on now and Pres Man had already pulled out the stuff and sucked up the water by the time I got home. He also set up the dehumidifier, and everything looks like it's okay now.

Man, I think I'm going to sleep really well tonight. I am already feeling a little sore. But happy. I worked out! Again! And I was under my calories by a significant number.
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Tonight's workout was harder! My legs are a LOT weaker than I had thought. We did squats, lunges, leg extensions, and standing calf raises. The lunges nearly killed me and I was not holding any weight. Very sad panda here.

But I did it, mostly (I did not go down as far as I should have, but I did all the reps), and it's only going to improve from here.

Tomorrow and Friday are going to suuuuuuuuuuuck.

But right now I feel pretty good. I'm about ready for my epsom salt soak and then bed.

Pie spent a lot of time walking around trying to figure what we were doing and why. I don't think he was satisfied with anything he discovered; humans are just silly. As long as we keep filling the food bowl he'll probably accept nightly weights just fine.

I think it's a really good thing I'm coming up on three rest days. We'll go walk at the zoo one of those days at least, but aside from that and maybe a walk to get something to eat, we're going to lay off the exercise.

The edger does not count as exercise; that's yard work. Totally different. LOL
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Tonight we did our first workout. We did bench presses, straight curls, wrist curls, and bent over dumbbell rows. We started with 10 minutes of cardio and after doing 3 sets of 10 on each lift, we did 10 more minutes of cardio.

It might not sound like much, but it was a good start. We'll see how sore I am in a couple of days.

Tomorrow night we'll work on legs (squats, lunges, leg extensions, and calf raises) and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be rest days.

I made Pres Man take my "before" picture and OMG it's so awful. I am really hopeful that someday I will be far enough away from that person that I will be proud to show it off next to my current shape.

I also measured my upper arms, forearms, thighs, calves, waist, hips, neck, chest, and bust. So now I'll have a record of where I started. The recommendation I'm seeing is to measure yourself once a week on a rest day (the same one every week).

I'm really pleased with us. I had a good time (Really! Which surprised me somewhat) and I feel optimistic about making this a permanent part of our lives.


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