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So tonight I got some new stuff for my hair. I've been pretty happy with Hair One so far (though according to what I've read about the transition period, it may really be too early to tell). I got Biotera Curl Creme, Biotera Styling Gel, and Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel. I got two gels because I'd heard good things about both, they were there, and I wanted to experiment. Some people use both the gels at the same time, but I did not try that yet.

Tonight I did an Apple Cider Vinegar treatment. I did not do a simple rinse; I read that for really itchy scalp, several people recommended putting the vinegar on full strength (PHEW!) and letting it sit for half an hour or so. That's what I did, and then I shampooed and conditioned with Hair One. I blotted excess water with a small microfiber towel that was originally a kitchen dish towel, scrunched in some Curl Creme, and scrunched in some Biotera Gel. I put in a few duckbill clips to help with body on the sides and top (I hope) and right now my hair is up in a t-shirt (I "plopped" it).

We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping for nice bouncy curls and evenness on both sides of my head.

Oh! And I also got a satin pillowcase because it was less expensive than I thought it might be. Hooray!

Um, I don't want hair to become my new "hobby," but I will be making some posts here so I can remember what I've tried and how it worked.


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