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Let's see. Last night I went to bed super early (after falling asleep on the futon) with a huge throbbing headache. It was awful, and the way I finally got rid of it was pressing on my neck to cut down the blood flow. I know, not brilliant, but desperate times call for crazy measures. I figured if I knocked myself out, I'd drop my hand away and be safe.

I wasn't pushing all that hard anyway. It may have been psychosomatic that it worked.

The reason I did it was I read an article about how the throbbing you feel when you've got an injury does not correlate with your heartbeat. I found that fascinating. My headache, once I had my fingers on my pulse, proved to be exactly in sync with my heartbeat. And since my fingers were in the neighborhood, I pressed harder and like MAGIC my headache went away.

Other things....I did not work out last night due to the headache. I'm going to do legs tonight. I'm going to work more on my hamstrings this week, I think. My knees have been feeling a little like they might overextend so I think my quads are too strong for my hamstrings.

This morning the scale gave me really good news, which makes me suspicious. How does one lose 3 pounds overnight? I would assume it was water weight, but unless I sweated or breathed out 3 pounds, that's not what it was. Huh.

Anyway, after having several days where the scale was up, it jumped down to a total of 28 pounds lost. Again.

It's still been amazingly hot here. We're over 100 every day with no rain in sight. I'm about to make the girls sing with me again.

I need to finish the Hogwart's Houses wine charms that I wanted to make for the baby shower. I'm so close to being done.

I think the first sewing project that I let myself do in the steampunk vein will be top hats. I had the urge to drag up the fabric and pattern tonight, so I guess I'm getting in the right mood for it.

I'm still bummed I had to frog my shawl. I'm really hoping it'll go better the second time around. And I'm going to get unwaxed floss, because the waxed stuff was way too sticky to use as a lifeline while knitting that lace.

My brain doesn't work as well in the evening for journaling. Maybe I will try getting up earlier and doing it then.
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Well I can stop being cagey now about my new knitting project. It's another pair of Nemo mittens for a baby! I went to a shower on Saturday and I had wanted to get them done by then, but then one of the hostesses asked me to do some other stuff and instead of knowing my limits I tried to do both and did not get either done. But I had "real" presents from the baby registry and I even managed to put them in a gift bag with tissue paper which is a vast improvement over my normal "leave it in the sack from the store" method of wrapping.

The mittens are mainly done, and here's what I need to do to completely finish them:

Weave in the ends
Add eyes and mouths (embroidery with black yarn)
Knit the fins
Put in fleece lining, so little fingers don't get caught or hooked on interior floats

They're looking pretty cute and I think they'll ultimately be fine. And then I was reminded by someone that the recipient lives in a pretty warm place, so the mittens will not actually get any use. Oh well.

I should have finished them tonight at Knitting, but after working so hard on them (lunch times, standing in lines, in the car) and not making the deadline I kind of didn't want to work on them tonight.

In other knitting news, I frogged my shawl tonight. I bought some dental floss before going over, the cheapest they had, and thought it would be okay to add my lifeline when I knitted the next row.

Big mistake. I should have threaded the floss on a needle and put it through the row of stitches I was on, rather than the row I began knitting, because I totally screwed up that row. And then I messed up tinking back below that row, and THEN I had an accident where one needle slipped out of about ten stitches at once, and after that it was not salvageable. I'm sad, but optimistic that the second time knitting it will go better.

This time, the floss will go in differently and actually do the job it's supposed to.

I got my new sock blank and sock yarn tonight! I'm very excited about doing some more dyeing. I don't know when I will do it though. It's so hot outside I could probably just squirt on the dye, roll up the yarn in plastic wrap, and sit it in the sun.

I probably won't do that. I'll probably use the Goodwill Crockpot again. Though I may just work flat on the driveway rather than hauling out a table.

I left Knitting earlier than I normally do because there was a group sitting in the room we were in that was really annoying me. It was a group of people who seemed to know each other from their church, and they were going on and on about the state of Native Americans and how horrible it was that the men in those families were not stepping up to the plate and the kids were just following in their footsteps and blah blah blah. Their conversation was also peppered with things like "Nothing against the Catholic church, but...."

It drove me nuts. One of the guys had set himself up as an authority because he spent a weekend on a reservation or something, and he would say something and everyone else would be just shocked and do their tsk tsk tsking and the way they were talking about it I got the impression they weren't really wanting to help, they were just rubbernecking the way you do at a car wreck. It was titillating but they weren't going to really do anything about these horrible problems. I was really fed up with them by the time we left.

Maybe I will re-cast on for my shawl tonight. I really wanted to get that done before October.
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I have been doing a crappy job getting ready to have people over who have never been to my house. I just cannot seem to get motivated to get things done. They are all really nice people so I'm sure they will be forgiving.

Here's what Pres Man and I have managed to get done:

Yard is mowed
Driveway is sprayed off (and OMG that was a job and a half due to all the tree debris, but it's so much better now)
Weeds have been whacked
Tablecloths have been purchased
Squirt bottles have been acquired (found two kinds at Walmart, got the condiment ones instead of the cake section ones because they were .03 cheaper per bottle and they are larger)
Dye has been located
Crockpot has been tested
Crockpot liner has been purchased
Soda has been purchased
Bottled water has been purchased
Husband's allergies have been activated
Spoons and measuring cups that will never again touch food have been acquired
Most of our old paint has been taken to the hazardous waste site (that was ALL Pres Man, and I am so thankful)
Yard has been watered

Still to do:

Pick up the kitchen, living room, and dining room
Clean the bathroom
Find my actual sock blank (have the dye, but the blank is MIA)
Drag the tables upstairs
Bring the empty downstairs tub upstairs
Dig out some old towels
Mulch the areas right by the house (purely cosmetic, and it may not get done. My body is overriding my vanity)

Tomorrow we'll take the tables out, tape the coverings on, run the extension cord outside with an outlet bar, set up the crock pot and double burner, hang the plastic on the fence and staple it up there, hang up a few hangers for yarn drying, put out the folding chairs, set out the gloves, a scale, a trash can, and paper towels, get some ice, set up the cooler with drinks, and mix up my dye. And then it'll be fun time!
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Wow. I slept a lot later today; I guess yesterday's accomplishments and running around took their toll.

I woke up happy though, so that's good. For lunch, we went down to So Long Saloon, where we had not been for a while, and happily got seated right away (it's a very small place and there is usually a wait). I had their green chili cheese since this was going to be my big meal of the day. It was delicious. You can get it with beef or chicken and I opted for a grilled chicken breast. On top of that, they put a cooked green chili, opened up and flat, then they put chili verde and melted cheese over all of that. It's served on a fried tortilla but I did not eat that part. I also had about half a side of potato salad, because they have the best potato salad I've ever had.

I'm waiting for it to cool down a bit (it's over 100 degrees) before I try mowing the lawn. I may not get it down before going to Knitting. If I don't, then hopefully tomorrow won't be quite as hot.

My painful shoulder is a LOT better today! I can bend my head over and I only have a little discomfort, which is a huge improvement.

I'm looking forward to Knitting tonight. We're going to be at the yogurt place again and I'm happy that I'll be working on my alligator bag.

Oh, I got all the Dwarven Battle Bonnet charts redone AND I added the instructions for the horns (Miss Miah's modification that really make the whole thing awesome) to the word doc with my charts, so now I'm pretty much ready to try the first one of those. Whenever I get some good yarn and a good time to do it. I should really finish Jet's dog sweater first.

Tonight after Knitting I will try some yoga and then tomorrow night it's back to weights. I told Pres Man he needs to figure out our nightly workouts and then I realized I was asking the poor teacher who already had to make Summer lesson plans for his classes to make additional lesson plans for us. LOL His work is never done.

The moss that planted itself over by the AC is still doing well. I keep forgetting to get some buttermilk for it. I'm hoping I can convince it to spread on its own rather than having to blend some moss up and plant it that way.
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Friday we got to see Prometheus. I really enjoyed it. It was richly textured, the base of the plot grabbed me, and most of the characters did not turn me off.

It's best to go into that movie not expecting any answers. That's how I did it, and I was pretty happy. If you need every single question answered, then you're probably going to be disappointed.

You also need to pay attention, because I am reading a lot of reviews that have gotten their details wrong. Apparently this movie has a quicker pace than I thought it had, because people are getting confused over what happens to which character, they are getting confused about motivations and expectations of characters, they are missing some pretty basic stuff (like effects of future painkillers), and they are ascribing some pretty easily explanable things to some pretty far out causes.

So just stay awake for it and make sure you don't blink or leave for a bathroom break and you'll probably be fine.

We saw the super-cheap showing (between 4 and 5:30 or something like that our theatre gives a price even cheaper than normal matinees), so we were out pretty early. We goofed around for a while (we were full of popcorn so we did not need dinner yet) and then went to Umi where we shared an entree.

I was super tired and thought I might go to bed immediately when we got home, but I managed to stay up for a bit.

Which may be why I slept for a LONG time Saturday morning (okay, afternoon) and woke up feeling a lot better. For some reason I needed a lot of sleep.

Saturday night at the game we played the new version of D & D. It was okay, but very very simple. I'm not sure how I like it yet. I'm mainly happy that so far I am having an okay time playing with the new guidelines and character features.

We got to what I thought was a good stopping place at 11, and then proceeded to go straight on to new fights. I started playing stupidly because I ALWAYS want to quit at 11, and we were at a point where it looked like both our party and the group of bad guys were going to try to wait each other out and THAT'S NOT THE WAY TO GET TO A NEW STOPPING POINT so I charged around the corner and nearly got my character killed.

But we ended around midnight, so it was all ultimately okay.

I've got to take a survey now to let them know what I think about the new game and we'll probably be issued new packets soon that have changes suggested by playtesters. I'm going to really suggest that surprise rounds work differently. I think the way they are working now is just too difficult for the DM to keep straight.

Today I had hoped to get up early and rent an edger, but that did not happen. It's over ninety outside and that is just way too hot. I am disappointed that my napalm spray did not work better. I guess I'll have to go back to Round Up, which is getting better reviews.

We might get severe weather tonight. I think I will probably water the lawn anyway. Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel.

Oh, during the game I got a lot done on my alligator bag. I've got the lining finished and now I'm doing the top edging of the bag. I am nearly halfway done with that part, and then it's time to attach the head and start the body.

I should take a picture of his head. I am ridiculous pleased with it.
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I am actually going to Knitting tonight. Pres Man kicked me out of the house in the middle of painting the trim. I think this has something to do with our Saturday DM being one of the knitters, and her asking if I was EVER coming to Knitting again.

So here I go. I hope I do not have paint in my hair.
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Knitting tonight was okay. We were at the donut shop again but I stuck to water and only had one donut. I got to sit near S and C, I got my order in for the black yarn, and I got a lot done on the dog sweater for Jet.

When I got home, I decided to check on the sticky stuff on my walls. I had applied Goo Gone yesterday and I had not been that impressed with it. Well, it says to let it sit for a few minutes. Letting it sit for a day worked really well. I have now removed nearly all of the pieces that I treated yesterday!

I need to get back in there and put some more on the stubborn parts and also put it on some of the other sticky places. I'm so pleased it works!

I figure it will take another couple of days to get all of that stuff off the walls, then I'll patch the holes and the day after that I'll do some sanding. I need to get some sandpaper for my mouse sander sometime this week, along with a dust mask. I have some goggles already.

I'd love to say we could be painting by next weekend, but I don't feel like I can pick out paint until we have new bedding to match the paint to. And today when we were running errands I didn't find anything close to what we're looking for. I had hoped that Spring colors would be out now, but all I saw were dark colors that were on post-Winter sale.

Maybe I will shop online.

Anyway, it's still moving forward, so that's good. I really pleased with myself for doing at least something related to this project every day.
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I'm reinstating the "No Laptop Until After 8 p.m." rule for myself. I have things that need doing, and I have been coming home and hopping on Astrid right away instead of accomplishing anything "real."

Tonight, thanks to this rule, Pres Man and I finished painting the downstairs room and we even removed the tape. It's done. It's not completely perfect (the taping was not as good as it could have been, but I kind of blame the textured walls and ceilings for that), but it's done enough for us.

I also gave the cat a good brushing again, which he really needed. I'm always so surprised about how much fur can come off of a short-haired cat.

Now we're watching the returns from New Hampshire and I'm about to redo my mitten charts. It's a good evening.
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Well, I am trying to do more knitting, since that was something I did not do a whole lot of last year and I wanted to change that this year.

I did this:

Frogged mitten

And then I frogged it. Because the color stitches were smaller than the black stitches, and I really wanted the color to pop more than that.

I had avoided a "yarn dominance" problem due to holding one yarn in each hand; I didn't want to deal with it so I was doing it the very slow way of dropping and picking up the yarn in the same hand for each color change.

I looked at the work to see why the colors were so dim. It looked like the black stitches were larger than the colorful stitches.

Turns out, it's a matter of yarn size:

mini mochi and mini solid

Look at that! Those yarns are made by the same company (Crystal Palace) and they are supposed to be the same weight/size of yarn! I'm disappointed in that lack of quality control.

One of the ladies in Knitting Group suggested I try holding one yarn in each hand and using the dominant hand for the colored yarn. That's probably the best way to go, though I kind of dread having to throw yarn with my right hand. I originally thought I would hold the colored yarn double, but when I wound up the two balls of that yarn (from the same dyelot) I found that the color progressions did not match. :(

I am a little disenchanted with this project, but I'm going to try again.
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Today since it was not wet and not incredibly windy, we worked outside. The yard it looking a lot less leafy, and we got all the gutters cleaned out. Again.

You know those big paper yard waste bags? They are about waist high or maybe higher. We filled up more than 10 of those today, and that was with a mulcher, so it was compressed. That's how many leaves we have. And we have more than that, because we only did most of the front yard. We still have the sides and back that are totally leafed in.

I probably won't use the leaf vacuum in the back yard because there are too many walnuts in there and the vacuum will suck them up and choke on them. We'll have to do it the old fashioned way. If we manage to get to it before the snow falls.

We were out there for over three hours. Maybe it was closer to four. I am sure I will be sore for the next couple of days, but I had a really good time. That sounds so weird, but I get a charge out of doing stuff like this.

I went to Knitting tonight and had a really good time. I got the border on the baby blanket nearly done. I had it almost COMPLETELY done at gaming last night, but then I realized I had messed it up. I frogged it all and started again tonight. I think I am about ready to bind off! And yay for using yarn from my stash for this; it looks great against the lighter green and I'm confident it will wash well.

I've given in a little on the temperature of the house. Our old thermostat was +- 5 degrees. Which meant it would wait to hit 5 degrees lower than you had it set before it would kick on, but then it would heat until it was 5 degrees higher than that, or something.

The new thermostat is accurate to 1 degree, so it does not heat over what you want. I have started setting it at 68 so that the husband and the cat don't look so squinch-faced. I'm hopeful that having it programmed to be colder at night will make it all even out money-wise. Also, we're not swinging too wildly between the warmest and coldest temperatures; I learned at the seminar that doing that will take more energy to heat your house back up, so you really don't gain anything.

I fixed the remote control for our tree lights. Several Christmases ago, we gave my mother a thing that you could plug into your wall and then plug your tree lights into. It had a remote to turn it on and off, so you could manage your tree lights without bending or crawling around under the tree. It was awesome for Mom, since she has a hard time getting around in general.

She said that her housekeeper had stopped putting the remote on her tree, and then Mom stopped putting her tree up altogether. She told us we should take the remote back to our house. This is the first time we have tried to use it. It did not work. We figured it just needed a new battery, so we got one.

It still didn't work. I opened it up and found that even though the battery that was in it when we got it looked fine, apparently a previous battery had leaked and left conductive crap on the circuit board. I cleaned it up with q-tips and toothpicks, put it all back together, and it works great.

I know what happened. One year Dumbella was setting up Mom's tree, and she found out the remote didn't work. She replaced the battery, it still didn't work, so she gave up and put it away. Then she played dumb, like she had just forgotten or couldn't find it (she tells Mom "I can't find it" a lot). That's why it had corrosion inside, but the battery seemed fine.

Oh well. We have it and it works.

We did not get the spackling or taping done, but it was more important to take care of the yard work while we had the chance. I'm hoping to do the spackling tomorrow night, then finish the taping and sanding Tuesday night. It would be so awesome if we could have the painting done by the end of the week. Or even the end of the weekend. Of course, when we're done with that part, we will have to take all the books and book cases downstairs, which will be a bit of a chore, we'll have to figure out how to fit everything in there, build the bunk beds, cut the outlet accesses, and get all the books back on the shelves. I'll just try not to think too far ahead, I guess. :)
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Yeah, I have that song "I feel the earth! Move! Under my feet..." in my head all the time now.

But aside from that, here are the other things I've done lately.

I got a big cardboard funnel that is designed to go into yard waste bags, which are like brown grocery bags only they are nearly chest high. They are not really that stable until you have filled them about halfway up, but these funnels are FANTASTIC. They go the whole depth of the bag and have a wide mouth at the top so you can stand your bag up and dump things in easily. I really like it.

I also got a long outdoor extension cord and a leaf blower/vacuum. We have a lot of leaves here and when I heard that I could get a leaf sucker and mulcher for under $50, I was sold. Those yard waste bags go a lot farther if your leaves are crunched up!

Had a night of non-gaming with Koganei, Kiwi, and Pres Man on Saturday night. We never did get around to starting the game. We're going to put that group on hiatus indefinitely.

Later that night, but before the earthquake, I was playing around with my new leaf blower/leaf vacuum, figuring out how to put it together and such, and Pres Man asked me where I had put something. I got up to get it and caught my foot in the laptop cord, which did not have any give because it was caught under the heavy leafblower box. I fell hard. I landed on my knees and somehow hit my face on the arm of the recliner before ending up sprawled on the floor. I was so scared that I had busted out all my front teeth, because I hit my face hardest right above my upper lip/under my nose. But my teeth are fine.

I did not end up cut or bleeding or anything, but my knees are sore and my nose/mouth are puffy and sore. Both my lips ended up swelling last night and I looked very fashionable. Things are better today as far as the facial swelling.

So when the very nice young policeman showed up at our house, he was greeted by a semi-hysterical limping woman with a swollen face. Yeah, ma'am, SURE it was an earthquake.

Later that night, though I did not find out until this morning, there was a fire in an unfinished apartment building near where Koganei resides. Holy crap, it was a huge fire and the building is gutted. Kiwi texted me a picture while it was happening, and Pres Man and I drove by today while we were out. We could not get very close, as all the streets are blocked off in that area, but we could see well enough. It is a large building and whole thing is just black and collapsed and dead looking. Thank goodness it was not occupied yet.

Today Pres Man and I cleaned out the front gutters and the little problem gutter on our exterior stairwell. This time he was the one who went up the ladder all the time, because my knees still hurt.

Then I put the leaf sucker together and tried it out. OMG, it works fantastically! It really sucks things up! And the mulching is pretty good. It is a Homelight electric blower/vac and we got it at Home Depot. I have read that the bag is the weak point of the machine, but so far it is working okay for me.

The only problem I have with it is that I fill up that bag pretty quickly (So! Many! Leaves!) and I'm also so weak that I can only do about two sweeps (two bags full) before I get pretty tired and want to quit for the day. Seriously, my arms are tired. The yard is nowhere near finished, but I feel really good about the parts I did get done.

Two leaf-vacuum bags' worth ended up filling our yard waste bag exactly to the fill line.

I wish our house had exterior outlets; I had to run the extension cord through the front window. It was not so bad, because today is completely beautiful, but I would be way happier with an outdoor plug.

We put our rake together today. We had never put in the screw that holds the head onto the handle, so that got done. Whee! Another chance to use the drill.

Hunter the feral cat is sitting in my driveway right now, looking around alertly. Not so alertly that he knows I'm watching him though. Pie is in a sunbeam, oblivious.

It's another perfect Fall day here. The sun is shining, it's not windy, and it's around 60* F. So lovely.

I'm looking forward to Knitting tonight. I have still got that baby blanket that I'm working on for D's daughter. I have not yet decided what kind of border to put on it. I'm considering brown, since the baby is a boy and their nursery has a green/brown jungle decor. I may have some leftover brown worsted, now that I think about it.
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Hot diggity damn. The knitting project is in the wash. Go me.
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I'm so empty of patience lately. The damned zings, while not as bad as before (I can keep my eyes open and sit up and EVERYTHING!), are distracting and I do not know when they'll end. I'm also occasionally feeling sick to my stomach, which I think is related to the little spasms of zing-vertigo. Fnarg.

Oh no, sir. I must say you're wrong. I must disagree! Oh no, sir. I must say you're wrong.

Also, and this is minor, but it's really pissing me off. At our last Knit Night, a new person showed up. She said that did not feel welcomed by us because she had posted months ago to our group on Ravelry and no one responded to her. NOT ONE PERSON. I felt terrible. I mean, I didn't create our group, but I feel pretty responsible for it and I could not BELIEVE how crass I had been in ignoring a "hello" from a newcomer.

Well, today I remembered to go search out that post and you know what? At least three of us DID say "Hi, we're glad you're coming here, we're looking forward to meeting you." I was one of those people.

What? Does she not realize that Ravelry will not notify her of replies unless she goes to the forums? To be fair, I did not realize that myself for a while (I though the "reply" notification would show up from any page, and it does not), but she seems like a pretty bright person, so I don't know....I replied again today, and this time I put her name in my reply, which WILL show up in her inbox as an "ear burn." I added her as a friend as well. I'm just miffed that she made such a big deal out of us ignoring her when that is not what happened. Hopefully we will not have any other misunderstandings like that one.

Won't you listen to me? You told me, "I've seen it all before. I've been there, I've seen my hopes and dreams a-lying on the ground...."

I was home from work yesterday with the zings and nausea. It really bothers me that the prescriber of my Cymbalta refuses to sign anything for FMLA. She said it was their organization's policy, but I wonder now if she was making that up and it's really HER policy. Maybe I will write a letter to the administrator. I kind of hate the doctor anyway, so if I have to stop being seen by her, that would definitely not be the end of the world.

"I've seen the sky just begin to fall," he said, "All things pass into the night..."

I got an email this morning from The Pyramid Collection. You know, where I ordered some Steampunkish boots? Well, those boots still have not shipped yet, so that part of their operation is not as efficient as one would hope. But their marketing auto-emails are pretty timely. They one they sent this morning said "Hey, remember these awesome boots? They're still in stock and available for you to buy!!!!"

Oh, you had better believe I emailed them back. I forwarded that email to their "help" account, and this is what I said:


I received this email from you this morning. Interestingly enough, I DO remember these boots, because I ordered them from you on September 8th.

However, they have not yet shipped. Can you give me an estimate on when my order might be leaving your warehouse?

Thanks, and I'm really looking forward to getting the boots,


I had also originally put in a bit about fixing their logic to subtract the "recently ordered" from "recently viewed" items so that this sort of thing would not happen any more, but I took it out. It was over-the-top bitchy, and besides, the really shouldn't be sending these emails with ANYTHING recently viewed to people who just made an order. It makes me wonder if there is some kind of problem with my order. I guess the Help people can tell me that, since they're going to respond to my email within one business day.

Oh no sir. I must say you're wrong. I must disagree!

I do not want to be awake right now. I have been awake since 7:30 this morning, and this is my day to sleep in. I'm planning a trip to the Alpaca Festival later today and I want to be able to enjoy it (as much as possible with my face and hands going randomly numb for a split second here and there).

Oh no sir. I must say you're wrong. Won't you listen to me?

I'm about ready to tell you all what has been going on with me. Some of you have no doubt guessed. It's still ongoing, and I was really trying to wait until the whole thing was wrapped up, but I think I'm not going to be able to do that. What I do with stressful stuff is journal it here. Maybe it will help to get it written down soon.

I think I might try to go back to sleep now.
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Yay for a four-day weekend! I have had a most excellent time doing a lot of things I had no idea I'd be doing, and doing pretty much none of the things I thought I would do.

The main cause of derailment (which actually was not an excellent time, but it's kind of funny in retrospect) was that I broke out in hives. Friday afternoon I noticed that my legs kind of itched. I mentioned it when I was video-chatting with my mom and sister. Later that evening, my back and shoulders itched like crazy, and pretty much everywhere else itched too, but not quite as badly as my back. I looked and found out that I had welts/hives forming on my shoulders, and Pres Man confirmed that I had them on my back as well. Huge raised red nastiness. Itchy as all get out.

I am much better now, after benadryl, Aveeno lotion, and Calamine for the particularly itchy spots. I still itch a little here and there, but the hives are gone and I am probably going to sleep through the night tonight (the past two nights I've been up for hours at a time due to itching).

I have no idea what allergy could have caused this. I am sneezing a bit lately, but I have not ingested anything unusual. Am I suddenly allergic to shrimp? Maybe. I tried googling, but nothing really sounded like it fit.

Anyway, now I am armed with oatmeal for bathing, lotions, etc. It will probably not happen again. LOL

The game on Saturday was fun. We fought some really nasty orcs and their Winter Wolves, along with some other big meanies. We did pretty well this time; I don't think anyone fell unconscious. It helped that we were all there. And then Siliver Dragon, toward the end of the night, said "Hey, this isn't electricity damage! It's icy bursting!" LOL And she had critted three times that night! This is the weapon she's been using forever, so it was pretty funny when she had that epiphany.

It was a pretty funny night all around. Koganei had the giggles nearly the whole time, and Kiwi was egging him on. And she couldn't remember the name of a story she wanted to reference; it was The Indian in the Cupboard, but the closest she could come was "That Little F#$@%& in the Closet." Which became the theme for the evening.

Knitting on Sunday was good, even though I ended up frogging my entire project and later realized I was mistaken....We watched The Great Food Truck Race because it was the Manhappiness episode.

OMG were those bastages condescending and dismissive! If I had known they were that arrogant and prejudiced, I would not have even tried to buy their food. I kind of want to go beat them all up now, except for the poor Seabirds, who were very sweet and then got kicked off the show.

The Lime Truck is full of jerk-faces, just so you know.

Also, Dear Host of the Show:

No, you did NOT feed everyone in Manhattan, much less everyone in Kansas. You are a big dummy-head.

No Love,


But it was funny to watch them make donkeys of themselves on TV, so that was okay.

Pres Man evicted our door spiders and it is SO NICE to come home and not see freshly spun webs festooning every entrance. I had not realized how very much that bothered me. And then today he mowed and trimmed the yard, which is awesome.

I think I am going to ask the tree man how much it would be to remove one of our trees. Over the years the way it has been trimmed (probably by the power company, since it leans drastically away from the power lines) has left it at a severe angle. I do not know how it can support itself without a counter balance. I mean, I know it's the roots, but what happens when this tree gets sick or dies? It's going to fall right on my car and on my neighbors' yard. I think we should be proactive and remove it completely before we have to pay a lot more in damages.

We also bought some stump rot stuff today. This week I will go out and drill some holes in our two stumps and let Pres Man pour the stuff in. It's supposed to cut the bonds of the cellulose, make it all spongy. And then you soak the stump in kerosene a few weeks later, let it all absorb in, and light the thing on fire! Fun times. Wanna come roast marshamallows over my stump in a couple of months? lol

Today I was lazy; I did minor house stuff and mainly read and relaxed. I did work on a friend's resume though. It's easier to do that for someone else than it is for yourself, I think. We'll see what she thinks.


Aug. 14th, 2011 10:05 pm
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Tonight I went to Knitting Night and had a decent time. I cast on for a new sock, but then had to frog it when I got far enough to measure my gauge.

I had cleaned out and reorganized my knitting bag before I went, and I noticed that I was missing my size three nickel plated 40" Knit Picks circular needle. I looked high and low and could not find it.

Of course, my gauge on the sock (on size 2s) was too many stitches per inch. You know how you fix that? Move up a needle size. And that is the size I was missing. Frustrating.

I asked my knitting buddies if any of them had seen a left-behind needle, but they had not. I asked the coffee shop folks too, but they didn't have anything in their lost and found.

But when I got home I thought of a new place to look and there it was! It was still in a project that I had already given up on but not actually frogged yet. I'm so happy that my little lost needle has come home.

Now I need to do another gauge swatch and figure out what to do with the other project I just frogged (it's D's mom's hat). I had been making a Shedir, but after conferring with D I think her mom wants something less close-fitting and maybe with a brim. I think I may do a version of the cabled newsboy cap from S&B.

Even with all the frogging I've been doing lately, I am feeling like my crafting mojo is building back up again. I'm about ready to consider doing some more sewing soon.

ALTHOUGH, I will not be sewing a Prince outfit. Tonight at knitting, S said that she had been telling her husband about my trials and tribulations with the Roselina costume. All he heard was "she makes costumes" and he immediately wanted to know if I could make him a Prince costume. Not as in "Prince Charming," but as in "The Artist Once Again Known As." When she told me that, I was surprised at my reaction. I almost cried! She of course had already told him that it was not going to happen, which was awesome of her, but just the idea of making another costume for someone else (someone I don't know well at all, even) was nearly too much for me. Weird post-traumatic stress thing.

Anyway, it's nice to be back in the saddle as far as knitting goes. I feel comfortable with the projects I am considering and hopeful that my new attempt at socks will be prettier and interesting to make.
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Here are what my socks (sock, really) looked like before I ripped it out.

Read more... )

The cables did not look right with those stripes. The example sock from the pattern was done with color-changing yarn, but the stripes were much bigger.

Also, I tried the sock on tonight and it was just barely too small. So it was going to have to be frogged anyway.

I'm planning to do a colorwork sock with this yarn. I nipped by the local yarn store this afternoon and got a ball of black sock yarn to pair with it. Now I just need to find the right pattern.
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I went to knitting tonight. I felt like I had been away for years. I thought about staying home since I need to work on the mock-up, but I decided to make myself go and I'm glad that I did. There were five of us tonight and I had a good time. I also got more done on my green socks. It looks like the tone changes in the yarn are going to make a wide spiral stripe for these socks. It's cool.

Now I'm watching the finale of The Killing and I plan to do some mock-up work too.
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I've been doing a lot of computer and online organizing last night/today. I cleaned up my "steampunk" favorites so that I can more easily find what I'm looking for (clothing, accessories, weapons, etc; how have I already collected so many links????), and today I am updating my Ravelry page, which had been overrun with "WORK IN PROGRESS" pictures instead of pictures of items that have actually been finished. I have two pictures left to take and upload and then I'll be current. I also deleted some of my old photos from my online host so that I could stay under the limit for my free account. Good-bye, WIP pictures and some stash pics.

I got some amazing yarn yesterday at Hobby Lobby. It's called Vanna's Glamour and the colorway is Copper. It is a delicious brown with a copper colored filament spun with it. This is the yarn I am going to use to knit the edgings for my Steampunk costume.

The Yarn )

I had been panicking because I could not remember the name of the yarn I had seen that I loved, so I did a websearch and wrongly concluded that I was after a Bernat yarn that had been discontinued. Cue a warp speed run to Hobby Lobby to see if I could find any of it before it was all gone, and much relief when I realized that the yarn I loved was NOT discontinued and there was plenty of it.

I got three skeins, which should be more than enough for the cuffs and collar, and hopefully also enough for some kind of accent elsewhere, either on the pocket edge or maybe on the skirt somewhere. I had thought about making a lace band to go on whatever transition I decide on for the place between the main skirt and the pleats, but I remember how much I did NOT like crocheting the edging for my Ren Fest skirt. Maybe a better choice would be to make individual lacy rosettes or something and just tack them on every so often along the transition fabric.

Or maybe knitting the edging won't be as bad as crocheting it was. This is sport weight yarn instead of thread, too, so it should knit up faster than what I did before. We'll see how it goes for the collar/cuffs portion I guess.

Tonight is SnB, even though it is Easter. I'm definitely going. I woke up not even thinking about what today was. I did not remember until about 15 minutes ago when I got an email from my sister with Easter pics of my nephew. And then I read Doqz's post about it. I can't believe I forgot after poor Elf's Easter Poison story.

I don't know what to take to knitting tonight. I finished the Octopus and am not quite ready to make my own yet. I should work on the Shedir, so I guess that's what I'll take with me. And the green mitt that needs a thumb.
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Happy Saturday! Since I think she does not read this, I am going to post Kiwi's birthday present here.

Amigurumi Ahead )
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So far today I have seen a pair of finches, a pair of cardinals, a loud bluejay (he was too big for the feeder, but he wanted to scare everyone else away regardless), a grackle (our first birdbath customer), and a robin.

We are probably going to try to find one largish rock to put in the middle of the birdbath so the littler birds can stand on it and drink. I was worried that the bath was too deep and slippery for them, and that might be right since they have not ventured in.

I spilled some seed last night while I was filling the feeder (note: needs a funnel), but the grackle took care of a lot of that for me. Yay!

We are getting ready to go to Your Highness now. I've been looking online for fabric and I find that I am just too chicken to order anything. I guess I'll go to Weisner's and Hobby Lobby to see if anything there catches my eye.

But not today, since Hobby Lobby is closed.

I need to remember when I'm cutting pattern pieces that the skirt needs to be a few inches longer so I can attach both tiers of pleats. And I'm thinking of making them shallower than the pattern calls for. Lots of Victorian clothing had smaller pleats. Now that I have my new sewing machine doohicky, maybe I can use that instead to make nice even pleats. There will still be lots of pressing, but it may cut my time down as far as measuring and pinning and such.

There will be no yardwork today; I am going to celebrate Kiwi's birthday with the movie and then dinner/hanging out, and then SnB. S will not be there this evening, so I'm glad I made the call to make sure I could go. I'm the one with the signs, anyway.

I don't know what to take tonight; I will be able to finish the second mitt and weave in the ends pretty early on I think. I'm still not to a point on the chemo cap where I feel comfortable taking it public. Maybe I need to go search my stash and take a new project. I have a hankering to try something from my amigurumi book.

I will need pipe cleaners for that, though. Depending on what I make.

Time to go get medieval.


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