Mar. 20th, 2012

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So far Spring Break has been pretty lackluster. It has been raining since Monday and that makes it kind of hard to feel like doing anything.

However, we finished sanding the nursery, spackled everything, we covered the cracks, textured the flat spots, and tonight we finally put the first coat of paint on the walls. I cannot believe how much better it looks. It will definitely need a second coat, but so far it's looking MUCH better. I did not realize how much I disliked that pink.

I broke my mouse sander!!! The good news is that it broke after the majority of the sanding was done. We purchased an orbital sander to defeat the horrible plaster wall patch that would not die, and we used it to sand down the rest of the cracks that we saw (of course, we did not find ALL of them; why do they show up so well when you're painting??).

There's a service center for my mouse in a town about an hour away. We will probably send it in and have them send us a new one; the problem is that out of three supports, one of them broke, and now the unit vibrates way too hard and almost leaps out of your hands. Poor little thing; it had a brief and very hard life. I thought about trying to glue it back together, but I'm not positive that even my best adhesive could glue the broken piece back together and keep it together under the stress of sanding.

Pie is miffed (well, as miffed as he ever gets, which is not much) because we had the windows in the nursery open and we would not let him in. Open windows are for CATS, and we would not acquiesce. He turned it ears backwards and stalked away.

Of course, during the first coat all the things we did NOT fix on the walls jumped out at me. It bugs me that we worked so hard to smooth out the marred surface and there is still so much wrong with it.

I need to concentrate on the things we did improve. There are tons of places we fixed, tons of holes we filled, tons of holes in the trim that we filled, and those giant nasty plaster patches are smoothed out.

And it's not pink any longer. That's an enormous improvement.


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