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Today was the best day I've had for a while. I felt a lot better than I had been for a few days, and I feel generally more hopeful.

I got a lot done, including a trip to the grocery store that I actually enjoyed. I don't eat a lot of fruit, but the peaches and plums looked really good so some of them came home with me.

I even made poached eggs on toast, which I had not done for a while. So delicious.

We watched some of the Democratic convention and it was not that exciting, but I liked it more than I expected.

I have physical therapy for my knee tomorrow. I'm kind of dreading telling her I have not done my assignment, but she knew from the get-go I might not. Part of it was feeling so rotten - I didn't feel like rolling around on the floor.

For once, a short week is not feeling extra long. Whee.

It's always amazing to me how good it feels to feel "better" after you've felt sick for a while.
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