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Birthdate:Feb 17
Location:United States of America
Hey there. Thanks for visiting. I guess this is where I pimp myself, right? Okayyyy, then.

First off, I post a lot. A LOT. I'll post several times a day most days. Sometimes I'll skip an entire day (usually this will happen on a weekend), but generally this is a very active journal. If you are looking for something to read with lots of updates, I'm your girl.

I'm also not terrible at commenting. I'm not really the type to comment on everything you write, just so you know I've read it, but I'll chime in now and again. I do read everyone on my friends list regularly.

Some of my posts will be locked to various friends groups and some of it's just plain private (ya know, 'cause it's a journal, and trust me when I say that some of that stuff should never be read by anybody but me). And there are some other filters too. One example might be: If you're not in my gaming group, you won't see pictures of our group going to Ren Fest or mugging for the camera in our Halloween costumes. I don't care for posting my pic openly, and most of my RL friends feel similarly. Another example: If you're not my husband (and most of you aren't), there are going to be entries you're not privy to (and believe me, you're better off!).

Now, on to the bio stuff: I'm a small-town girl who moved to a slightly bigger small town. It's still kind of a novelty for me to get pizza and chinese food delivered, and to live in a town with a Walmart and a theatre. Growing up in my home town meant the nearest theatre was in the next town (an hour away). We did not even have a McDonalds. With therapy, I'm sure I'll recover eventually and manage to lead a rewarding life. ;)

I blow up software for a living and in my spare time I spend entirely too much time surfing the net and obsessing over various crafts. My husband teaches math at a local community college. We have one black cat named Piewacket. His hobbies include chasing anything on the end of a moving string, "helping" me knit, and fetching his toy mice. Also, he really enjoys surfing the net and watching Law & Order with me.

I really enjoy crafts/working with my hands.

Thread/Yarn: I crochet fairly well (both regular and thread crochet) and I am a fair knitter. My largest project so far has been a set of Cleaves for my sister. I also crocheted lace edging for a baby blanket that was a gift to my cousin (finished and delivered 04/21/07, only a year late). I've made (07/10/07) a Gryffindor scarf (Prizoner of Azkaban style) for [info]cskippy2000 that I'm pretty proud of. I've made mittens for my mother, hats for my sister & cousin, and socks, among other things.

Clay/Dough: I'm getting more interested in polymer clay (Sculpey). My Bajoran Halloween costume in 2004 featured some pretty good sculpey accessories (earring, comm badge, rank pin). I have a polymer clay "pasta machine" now and I'm excited about the possibilities that it will open up for me with my clay creations. I've also recently been reading through my Michael's craft book and there are some neat dough ideas in there (though that stuff is HEAVY!). Update: I made an eagle head for the top of a wizarding staff to go with my costume for the seventh Harry Potter book release. See it here.

Sewing: Though I don't sew much, I managed to construct a fairly decent piratey/gypsyish costume a few years ago and I made a Renfaire costume that I was pretty happy with too. I also made a robe for the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiere (to wear with the Ravenclaw scarf that I knitted and the wand I made) and it came out really nice! After these successes, I am inspired to try more sewing soon. Perhaps I'll make a tree skirt in time for next Christmas, or maybe I'll finish the Ren Fest outfit I meant to make in 2005....But at the moment, I'm just doing simple stuff, like the flannel baby blanket for my cousin's baby. Update: I sewed a dress to go with my Harry Potter robe. I think it came out really nice (scroll down to last picture).

I love movies (with a special place in my heart for bad sci-fi or zombie movies - especially Asian zombie movies!) and reading. I LOVE Sherri Tepper's books. Raising the Stones is one of my favorites. I also really like the Harry Potter series (couldn't you guess?).

I'm currently working full time and am off and on attending college classes in the evening. I screwed up my first shot at college way back when, dropping out after only two years. Thus, there will be some school-related posts. I have completed my AA degree and I walked in the main campus's graduation ceremony on May 19th 2006! My goal is to get my bachelor's degree in Management Info Systems or in something Economics-related.

My husband and I host a D&D 3.5 game every weekend (he's the DM). We have a great group of gamers and we've been playing with most of them for over five years. I'll likely comment about gaming now and then, but most of the play-by-play can be found in my husband's journal at [info]pres_man for those who are interested.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and am trying to bring things back into balance. Glucophage didn't work for me when I tried it (talk about side-effect city! Blarg!). It's not going very well, but I'm not ready to give up.

I've also had intermittent problems with depression since high school. I've found that basically I do okay until some emotionally traumatic event crops up. The most recent event was the death of my father. He went in for heart surgery and never woke up. That was March 9th 2006. I am taking Cymbalta now and for a while I saw a counselor. I believe that when prescribed and used appropriately, antidepressants can be safe and effective. I also believe in the value of therapy.

Mmmkay, I'm done for now. If you need more, there's plenty in the journal!

Friends policy: If you friend me, I'll likely friend you back. Feel free to say "hi" on my latest post if you add me. If I don't add you back within a day or two after you've announced yourself, it's probably because you have something vulgar or work-inappropriate on your journal. Icons definitely count, as does a tendency toward not LJ-cutting memes with pics and such (because they are eyecatching, for one thing, and often inappropriately illustrated for work, for another).

If you're just too tempting a writer, I might friend you back and keep you off my Default View, but that means I may forget to check your LJ, so if it's really important to you that I read your stuff (or really important to you that I comment within a certain time frame), please keep it semi-clean as far as pics go, okay?

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