Jul. 24th, 2012

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Let's see. Last night I went to bed super early (after falling asleep on the futon) with a huge throbbing headache. It was awful, and the way I finally got rid of it was pressing on my neck to cut down the blood flow. I know, not brilliant, but desperate times call for crazy measures. I figured if I knocked myself out, I'd drop my hand away and be safe.

I wasn't pushing all that hard anyway. It may have been psychosomatic that it worked.

The reason I did it was I read an article about how the throbbing you feel when you've got an injury does not correlate with your heartbeat. I found that fascinating. My headache, once I had my fingers on my pulse, proved to be exactly in sync with my heartbeat. And since my fingers were in the neighborhood, I pressed harder and like MAGIC my headache went away.

Other things....I did not work out last night due to the headache. I'm going to do legs tonight. I'm going to work more on my hamstrings this week, I think. My knees have been feeling a little like they might overextend so I think my quads are too strong for my hamstrings.

This morning the scale gave me really good news, which makes me suspicious. How does one lose 3 pounds overnight? I would assume it was water weight, but unless I sweated or breathed out 3 pounds, that's not what it was. Huh.

Anyway, after having several days where the scale was up, it jumped down to a total of 28 pounds lost. Again.

It's still been amazingly hot here. We're over 100 every day with no rain in sight. I'm about to make the girls sing with me again.

I need to finish the Hogwart's Houses wine charms that I wanted to make for the baby shower. I'm so close to being done.

I think the first sewing project that I let myself do in the steampunk vein will be top hats. I had the urge to drag up the fabric and pattern tonight, so I guess I'm getting in the right mood for it.

I'm still bummed I had to frog my shawl. I'm really hoping it'll go better the second time around. And I'm going to get unwaxed floss, because the waxed stuff was way too sticky to use as a lifeline while knitting that lace.

My brain doesn't work as well in the evening for journaling. Maybe I will try getting up earlier and doing it then.


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