Jul. 10th, 2012

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I love this melody. It's probably most widely known in the U.S. today as the soundtrack to "Somewhere In Time," but it's by Sergei Rachmnaninoff and he based it on something Niccolò Paganini wrote (and it's here if you want to listen to it).

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We got back to it tonight. We did arms, since we did not work out last night. I bench pressed 2.5 lbs more tonight, I used a heavier dumbbell (up 1.7 lbs) for my bent over rows, and I did preacher curls and wrist extensions with a total increase of almost 1 lb for each exercise.

I worked harder on the cardio tonight in the hope that it will help me sleep better. I increased my speed on the elliptical about half a mile per hour and I could feel it, but it was good.

Sadly, when it was Pres Man's turn on the elliptical it was REALLY squeaking. It is now a priority to lubricate that danged thing before using it again.

I feel good about what we did tonight. Tomorrow we'll do legs and that'll be good too. I am glad to have worked out again. Glad I felt that I could do it tonight.

I stayed under my calories today, which is another triumph. For a day that started out pretty sucky, things ended up pretty good.
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Kneel before Zod the Delite-o-matic.

I, for one, welcome our new snack overlords.


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