Jun. 30th, 2012

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This morning (or maybe it was barely afternoon?) I retook my measurements. It's been nearly 10 days since the first measurements were taken.

Neck - stayed the same

Bust - stayed the same

Underbust - went down half an inch

Left Upper Arm - increased three-fourths of an inch

Right Upper Arm - increased two inches, so I assume my first measurement was flawed

Left Forearm - down 2 inches

Right Forearm - stayed the same (now the measurements for right and left are equal)

Waist - down one inch

Hips - down an inch and a quarter

Left Thigh - down half an inch

Right Thigh - down three-fourths of an inch

Left Calf - down a quarter of an inch

Right Calf - down half an inch

I'm very pleased. And today when I tried out the new Goodwill store in town, I found out that I can button and zip up jeans that are four numerical sizes smaller than the ones I currently wear. I did not like the way they fit; they were tight in the hips and then too loose in the legs and waist. A different brand might do better, but I'm guessing that I should go to the size that is only two sizes under the one I've been wearing. Which is really just one size, since women's clothing is in even sizes.

Which means I have lost a full size, easily. That's incredible.

Last night I did 17 minutes on the elliptical to try to burn off my calorie overload (and if my math is right, I did!), and I found that an extra 7 minutes makes a big difference, but I did it. I nearly doubled my cardio time, and I did fine. That felt really good.

Today we ran errands, which involved a LOT of walking around. I'm counting it as today's cardio. Tomorrow we will go to the zoo (hopefully in the morning before it gets insanely hot) and that'll be our exercise. And then I'll try again to find a good stretching or beginning yoga video on Netflix after Knitting. We perused Netflix last night and there are a couple of likely candidates.


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