Jun. 27th, 2012

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The lawn is mowed, the sprinkler is nearly finished running, and in about an hour I'm going to do some arm-focused working out.

I mowed the freaking lawn in 100 degree weather. I hydrated like crazy and I think it's all gone already. I downed another huge glass of water when I got back in and ate a bunch of ice.

I had a really good day today. My back was hurting (same place it started hurting last week) so I called the chiropractor and he got me right in. I'm feeling lots better and I will endeavor to NOT pull that rib out again. It's the same danged rib that always goes out when I get more active. It seems like it may be a family thing, since I can name three other people on my mom's side who have the exact same problem. We are mutants!

I got some exercise gear tonight. Several cheap tops and a pair of capris. They are great. I could not wear this sort of thing in front of anyone but Pres Man, but for working out at home they are perfect.

I also got some headbands; I pull my hair completely back when lifting and parts of it are short enough that they can't reach the ponytail, so I need a band to keep the rest of it back. They were on sale. Bonus!

I was very good for dinner. If I complete my normal workout tonight I will be way under my net calorie goal. I may reward myself with grapes and babybel cheese.

I'm beginning to feel my triceps more now. Oh yay! Tonight is an arm night. If you hear someone howling in pain later on don't worry; it's just me.
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This is awesome. Please watch it. These guys are great.


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