Jun. 23rd, 2012

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Today we saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It was everything I hoped it would be. A lot of reviewers did not like it, but I got what I wanted from it. I had a great time.

I also cleaned our air conditioner condenser's fins. There was a lot of gunk on there and I wish I had thought to do it earlier. Hopefully this will help it be more efficient.

AND I got the Dwarven Battle Bonnet pattern (version 2) and started translating her charts into my own font. I've got the first chart done already and it looks good.

Man I am glad I made that font. It makes knitting a LOT easier for me.

We do not have a game tonight so we get to watch Arachnoquake (...yay). Right now we're catching the end of Eight Legged Freaks.

We walked at the zoo, too. It was a nice day for a walk since it rained last night. We did not remember our quarters so we could not feed the swans or geese, but it was a nice walk and we saw lots of families out enjoying the day together, which I always like.

It has been a good day. We did not rent the edger, because we were both really sore (the zoo walk was a triumph of will over pain, though after a while the muscles warmed up and it was better), but we did do a lot of other good stuff. I did not just camp out on the futon all day.

Tomorrow I will need to mow the lawn and I also plan to try out my yoga DVD (which I bought forever ago) after I get back from Knitting. I guess the edging will just have to wait. Maybe I should hire it done.

The Country Stampede is going on this weekend, so we have heard a few sirens and seen a few really bad out-of-town drivers, but other than that we have been unaffected. I'll still be glad when it's over.

Now I'm going to do some more knitting charts and watch a bad B-movie with my husband and the cat.


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