Jun. 10th, 2012

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Friday we got to see Prometheus. I really enjoyed it. It was richly textured, the base of the plot grabbed me, and most of the characters did not turn me off.

It's best to go into that movie not expecting any answers. That's how I did it, and I was pretty happy. If you need every single question answered, then you're probably going to be disappointed.

You also need to pay attention, because I am reading a lot of reviews that have gotten their details wrong. Apparently this movie has a quicker pace than I thought it had, because people are getting confused over what happens to which character, they are getting confused about motivations and expectations of characters, they are missing some pretty basic stuff (like effects of future painkillers), and they are ascribing some pretty easily explanable things to some pretty far out causes.

So just stay awake for it and make sure you don't blink or leave for a bathroom break and you'll probably be fine.

We saw the super-cheap showing (between 4 and 5:30 or something like that our theatre gives a price even cheaper than normal matinees), so we were out pretty early. We goofed around for a while (we were full of popcorn so we did not need dinner yet) and then went to Umi where we shared an entree.

I was super tired and thought I might go to bed immediately when we got home, but I managed to stay up for a bit.

Which may be why I slept for a LONG time Saturday morning (okay, afternoon) and woke up feeling a lot better. For some reason I needed a lot of sleep.

Saturday night at the game we played the new version of D & D. It was okay, but very very simple. I'm not sure how I like it yet. I'm mainly happy that so far I am having an okay time playing with the new guidelines and character features.

We got to what I thought was a good stopping place at 11, and then proceeded to go straight on to new fights. I started playing stupidly because I ALWAYS want to quit at 11, and we were at a point where it looked like both our party and the group of bad guys were going to try to wait each other out and THAT'S NOT THE WAY TO GET TO A NEW STOPPING POINT so I charged around the corner and nearly got my character killed.

But we ended around midnight, so it was all ultimately okay.

I've got to take a survey now to let them know what I think about the new game and we'll probably be issued new packets soon that have changes suggested by playtesters. I'm going to really suggest that surprise rounds work differently. I think the way they are working now is just too difficult for the DM to keep straight.

Today I had hoped to get up early and rent an edger, but that did not happen. It's over ninety outside and that is just way too hot. I am disappointed that my napalm spray did not work better. I guess I'll have to go back to Round Up, which is getting better reviews.

We might get severe weather tonight. I think I will probably water the lawn anyway. Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel.

Oh, during the game I got a lot done on my alligator bag. I've got the lining finished and now I'm doing the top edging of the bag. I am nearly halfway done with that part, and then it's time to attach the head and start the body.

I should take a picture of his head. I am ridiculous pleased with it.


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