May. 28th, 2012

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Portal 2 has a really nifty thing you can do. You can design your own testing rooms and share them with other people! I tried some user-developed rooms today and I found out something about myself that I did not realize when I played the original game.

I only really enjoy certain kinds of puzzles in this game. Elements that I do not like include:

1) Timed anything - timed walls that only move into position for seconds before retreating, timed doors that only open for a few precious seconds, etc. I don't like any of that. Any time you hit a button and it start clicking, I immediately do not like it. Probably because I am not that adept at shooting my portals with precision, and I run out of time every time. It's not fun for me to do that over and over until I get it exactly right.

2) Rooms with very few portal-able surfaces. I really don't like that black crap or the metallic stuff or anything else I cannot shoot a portal through.

3) Shooting portals in mid-air when there is very little time. I find that on really long jumps, I'm okay. When I'm in a back and forth loop so I have plenty of time to orient myself, I'm okay. When it's a split-second "Do it now or lose your chance" type of thing, I don't like it.

4) Those laser grills. Not the individual shocky lasers, but the ones that if you touch them you die. Do not want.

Things I do like:

1) Light bridges

2) Light tunnels

3) Aerial Faith Plates (but in moderation)

4) Stationary portal surfaces (like when you need to jump out from a slanted panel)

5) Repulsion gel and Propulsion gel

6) Emancipation grids (used in moderation)

7) Finding a weighted cube or ball and putting on a button or in a fitted receptacle

8) Lasers that you have to redirect, through a portal, a cube, or both

9) The cubes that redirect lasers

Which is why it broke my heart when someone I know designed a room and I really did not like it. It was made up of timed panels, mostly black walls, and a couple of places where you had to shoot your portal right away or you missed your chance. All things I don't like. And there were some laser grills in there too. Avoidable, but still there. It really brought home to me how different people prefer different things in their game.

I tried another room that had been rated highly by others, and I LOVED it. You had to do a lot of thinking to figure out how to solve it, there were no timers, there were no laser grills, there were lots of portal-able surfaces, and the whole object of the test revolved around finding three cubes and a ball and putting them where they went. Like it was made for me.

It was just interesting to me. Also kind of disappointing that I had to leave my friend a critique that was not that great. I think she designed a good room, for the most part. Just not one that I find fun, mainly because of the timer and the jumps that don't allow (for me) enough time to shoot the required portals.

Maybe eventually I will try my hand at making a room. Probably not, though. I much prefer playing them to trying to create them.


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