Apr. 15th, 2012

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What would you do if everyone around you suddenly passed out?

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For some reason, what looks like probably the funniest part of Saturday Night Live's Josh Brolin episode is not online on SNL's site. Maybe too many actual clips from Game of Thrones itself?

Whatever. Gawker has it, so here you go:

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I went out looking for locally available Statue of Liberty crowns. I did not locate any, but I did discover Florence and the Machine, which was playing in Rockstar & Rogers. I have been going through the Vevo playlist on Youtube and I have not heard a single song yet that I don't like. Wow.
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I really love this song. But Florence, could you please make your titles easier to discern? Why is this not called Arms of the Ocean?? "Never Let Me Go" may be the point, and it's what the background singers are lilting, but come on. If someone catches only a bit on the radio, how are they going to find you???


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