Mar. 27th, 2012

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Here's what I did tonight:

Came straight home and painted all three doors, half of the windows (the trim, not the actual glass)(mostly), and I touched up some of the baseboards. I wore out my brush, because I have found that what I like best is a crappy foam spongy brush, and if you use those too long they start to fall apart and leave little sponge molecules on your wall. I stopped and Pres Man and I had dinner at LJS, which was OMG so delicious I cannot even tell you. I don't know what it was, but that really hit the spot. Probably the malt vinegar.

The wasp that was trapped in our nursery window found her way out tonight. She was in there for about 24 hours or so, but she finally calmed down and worked it out. I cannot believe I was cheering for a wasp. She watched me paint for a while, like "Okay, I'm trapped, so I might as well enjoy the show." So she sat there grooming herself and cocking her head politely as if to say, "I think that's a really nice shade of blue."

Speaking of stinging insects, we had honeybees on our redbud tree this weekend. I was really pleased to see them, since honeybees are in trouble lately. I wonder if they are a K-State hive.

We had a few tulips come up in the yard. They survived the Great Rototilling of 2011. I should mark where the daffodils and tulips are so I can dig them up and put them where they should be (not scattered around the yard) in the Fall.

Tomorrow night we should be able to finish painting. We'll do the other half of the windows, do the doors again, and go over the baseboards for real. And that's it. The rest of the week is getting ready for the in-laws.

Mainly by stuffing everything into the room we just painted and shutting the door. Hush, it's temporary. :)
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Today was pretty good. Pie got a good report at the vet's. He's down 1.2 pounds since last year, which is awesome. Less awesome is that I had to point that out when they said "He could stand to lose some weight." I think I would have let it go if they'd said "stand to lose more weight." Pie deserves some credit; it's not easy being a starving feline.

Pie would like me to relate to you all that in addition to losing weight, he was very brave (and got "Good Cat!!" on his report), and that four hours is a LOT longer in cat-time than it is in human time. So even though I thought I was doing very well to get him at noon, he thinks I could do better. lol

Tonight we're going to finish the trim and then maybe I will go through a bunch of mail that has been piling up. Tomorrow night when the paint is safely dry we'll remove the drop cloth and clean it all up, and cram all our "homeless" junk into that room. Maybe I will take pictures first, but don't hold your breath.

It was hot today. I think I'm going to have to reprogram our thermostat; I left it on the defaults when it was installed (for Summer months) and that's a bit warm for doing any kind of physical labor. I mean, I notice that I get cold more easily now and I heat up over a longer period of time, which I attribute to the weight loss (nearly 20 pounds now), but it's still too hot for working in that room for more than about 15 minutes, which is not going to cut it.

I would like to give a shout out to Pres Man, who made sure to corral the cat with me this morning before he left for work. Couldn't do it without you, Babe.


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