Mar. 26th, 2012

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Today the scale said that I am 19 pounds lighter than when I started. I am only claiming 17 of those pounds, because I like to make sure it's real before I note it in my official weight loss log. But still, woo.

And today I was under my allotted calories, even though I ate Mexican food. Woo again.

I just hope all the leg soreness I have had since we began sanding/painting means I have more muscle there now, burning extra calories. Because it is getting more difficult to stay under my calories as I get slimmer; a huge body takes more calories to run than a small one does. And even when I do stay under my calories, the projection is not as awesome. It tells you every day "If every day was like today, you'd weigh XXX in five weeks!" I used to get amazing numbers that really encouraged me. Now I get numbers that are like "Why is this even worth it? Five weeks from now I'll weigh ONE OUNCE LESS."

What is that? Like, 80 weeks for a pound? :P

I am sticking with it, though. It will be worth it. Eventually.


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