Mar. 17th, 2012

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Arizona is thinking about broadening the ability to let employers deny women access to birth control. A Senate bill stipulates that, unless a woman brings in a note proving she is not using it to avoid getting pregnant, an employer can deny birth control to any woman in the workplace.

Because letting your employer have information about something that is wrong with your health is always an awesome idea. I mean, why did we ever pass HIPAA anyway?

New Hampshire has decided to pass a law like the one they are trying to pass in Kansas; doctors will now be required to lie to women about the consequences of terminating a pregnancy (YOU'LL GET TEH CANCERZ). Urban legends, codified into law!

And finally, Wisconsin is getting in on the fun, now. SB 306 [among other things] prohibits a woman from having a partner, family member or friend at her side when she meets with her doctor to request an abortion. The idea is to prevent anyone from intimidating a women into aborting a baby, but it has the consequence of tearing away a woman's support when she really needs it.


In college I read Native Tongue, and I think everyone should read it right now. Forget Handmaid's Tale. That's a bunch of crap. Native Tongue is what Santorum and his ilk really want. Women's rights rolled back a century or more. Women declared legal minors, no matter their chronological age. Having to get permission to work from their husbands or legal male guardian (father, uncle, etc).

It's dated, having been written back in the mid-eighties, I think, but a lot of the concepts are still relevant. Think about the things that all the GOP candidates are saying, and look at what individual states are doing. Especially maddening is Rick Santorum. Let's carry his ideas all the way to their logical (logical, heh) conclusion:

Santorum envisions a society where women will not work outside the home. They will stay in the house and make homes for their husbands, and they will happily crank out as many children as their husbands see fit to seed them with (because birth control will be outlawed).

With most/all women out of the workforce, all the jobs will be available for men. No more male unemployment. We won't need day care providers because all the mommies will be staying home and keeping the house spotless while homeschooling their children (up to a certain point, anyway, since women won't be getting any higher education themselves....).

With all the women staying out of the colleges, more men will be able to get admitted to school and they'll be better able to concentrate on their studies (co-eds are such a distraction!) Nearly everyone will be married (one man + one woman), because it's doubtful that any job available to a woman who did manage to get work permission would pay very much at all, and certainly not enough to support her (as long as we're eroding women's rights, why not go all the way?).

Women will pretty much have to get married, which works out great for the men because it'll be easier for guys who normally could not score Date One to find someone in a desperate enough situation to marry them.

And of course, everyone will go to church. Preferably the Catholic church, since that's Rick's one true faith.

I'm beginning to believe that there are a LOT of people who would like to live in that world. They see it through Norman Rockwell-colored glasses. Those people are going to vote for Santorum and damn the consequences. That man CANNOT be elected President. Please, PLEASE make sure you are registered to vote, and then DO IT. I'm still going to do it even though my state ALWAYS goes red. It still matters.

I realize that this post comes off a bit (or a lot) like a man-hating post. And it IS, but only for the men who are pushing this crap. If I was hearing a lot more about women in their movement (by name) I'd skewer them as well. More, because they are traitors. I remember when Sarah Palin announced she was 100% pro-life. I think I screamed at the television.

There are a lot of really good men, and I have been fortunate enough to know quite a lot of them. My husband is the best man I know. My father was fantastic. I know good men. Men who don't consider women just walking incubators and/or maids. This post is not written about those men. This post is for those who fall so terribly short of what a real man should be. And their shortcomings are probably what incline them toward cutting women's rights. Rather than manning up to life, they are instead trying to whittle the world down to where they can be successful in it. That is the opposite of progress, and I am going to fight it.


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